Wednesday, October 20, 2010


stairs to heaven.. may you go there peacefully though i feel heavy hearted.

thinking of all the times we shared..

sorry that i couldn't oppress myself anymore..

please allow me to cry for you just once.. just once..

foo hui theng.. i miss you so much suddenly tonight.. :'{

why don't you give me a chance to pass u a good news of mine?

i regret for not talking to you although i had the feeling to greet you when i last saw you on msn.. 

i remember what you wrote for me in my biodata but i just don't dare to open your page.

i know you don't want to see me crying but sorry, really very sorry Foo..

the cutie you used to call couldn't hide her feeling and tears anymore.. couldn't..

Monday, October 18, 2010


you told me about Britney Spears and introduced me two songs of her. one of them named "Sometimes" is still my most favourite song even until now. it just doesn't change no matter how well how hitz the songs come over.

we sat together talking about where should we go in the future. i told you my decision so did you. we promised each other and switched together.

i was the first and you were the second. you called me leng lui and i turnaround. i saw a pink holic girl waving at me with a smile on the face. we laughed.

dear angel, please pass a note of mine to her.

    still remember this? we shouldn't name you yong tau fu because it is delicate. aren't you supposed to prove us that we are wrong? yong tau fu, how dare you make me cry! you make me have no appetite to eat kay. i believe you were not preparing as well so same went to me this afternoon. i even lied to myself that you and your bf are joking around and testing us how much we care for you. however, dream itself eliminates and calls me to back to reality.

     i do not know what to give. i just don't feel like offering condolences or something like rest in peace. what does that mean? people want to say i couldn't accept the truth or i am cold blooded they may just go on. i don't know why i just don't like to see "RIP" these three words on your pretty wall and i won't make any comment before getting to see you tomorrow. i might not allowed to "meet" with you but i will try if i could have the chance.

    yes, fish is right. the only expression you have in my mind of every of the scene i recall is just the smiling face. i know you always don't want to see us crying so this time isn't exceptional too i believe. i really don't know what to continue but i have many many things to speak actually. if i say i use 3 hours to write these three paragraphs would you trust me?

    i abhor the man though i know i shouldn't. nothing much can be blame, it is fate somehow. dear reminds me of an important thing. APPRECIATE EVERYTHING. you'd given me a big lesson in my life. yong tau fu ™. this is only belongs to you. you're in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort there.

    i am Qin. Pei Qin the pumpkin. Loves.

what i'd got from others are just "don't be sad". how can i don't be sad? let me ask you, what if the same thing happens on your best friend? would that sentence works on you? you must be joking if you answer yes. anyway, i think i feel better if compare to him and her loves. all in all, THANK YOU Angeline Foo :)