Friday, April 29, 2011

CCD Practical

Hello nah~~ Don't say I everyday Baby's photos Baby's photos. Here is a video of my last night national dance exam. Overall I am very satisfy with my group dancing though there was a minor mistake at... (don't want tell bluek..) ^^ Well done girls and XIE XIE! So serentak haha~ Simultaneously ;D HAPPY!

The performance we did is a traditional dance of Malay, categorized in folk dance, named Zapin Tenglu (from Johore). Million of gratitude to Madam Noriah for the teachings, I appreciate :) Also, thank you for all the providers : baju kurung, sarong, etc.. Ah! not to forget, thanks to those who helped me to make up, record & capture too..

The examiner was sitting in front. Enjoy!

I know lahh I am very short you care? I don't want to show my obvious & front look face so sorry, no group photos or whatever joint photos here haha but only this

Hehe.. ^^
Why? Hao lian? @@ You.. bad ~(>﹏<)~
This one side look, not so clear. Can show ;P

If you want to watch guy version of Zapin Tenglu, you can proceed to the video below. Don't want then [x], bye bye :D

Sunday, April 24, 2011


After Baby Hoong Ie rotted at houses for months, ohyeeha finally uncle & aunt brought him out gai gai and did some exercises! 4 months to go to be 1 years old~!!

I followed, meaning I need to be his photographer lor what some more @@ Oh yes correcttttttt, you won't be seeing my face in any of the picture ;) I guess nobody wants to see my face also I know you "hmm hei hon" 不稀罕 lol okok fine, eekkk! +___+#

Previously my siblings did not willing to hold the camera whenever someone requested photo taking so I was the one who had to take the seat. So hmm.. This enables me to come close to the photography world. And of course one of the factors is because of him larh. The biggest contribution he made is none other than teaching me the composition of an image. Thank you, BIG BIG!! ^^

Yea though I am not as professional as others and I don't own any DSLR, but I personally like the photos I take (not all lah) :D I do not know to adjust whatever basic setting a DSLR has, not even know to judge whether the white balance is correct or not and the most importantly, I don't know to use Photoshop!!!!! Stupid eh? So for temporary, my Kodak digital camera is far enough for me already. Digital camera still can create miracle and story ^_____^

For designers, every of their designs has the story behind : fabulous story, sweet story, miserable story, painful story, anyhow. In my point of view, what a photographer captures has the stories behind too, they are written on the appearance of an image. So, I am also the same =]

The greatest satisfaction I have throughout the photographing is when I see the people smile happily while viewing the photos I take for them, they are indulged in the joyous atmosphere as well as to myself, I can feel the happiness with the story presented visually. I guess these are what most photographers treasure, that make them to be more enthusiastic and continue their passion on photographing. Yea I know, "just to leave some memories" can be one of the reasons too.

I discover one thing that some of you might not realize. When I view a photo, comparing a photo that has been washed out to a photo that is still in the computer, the former will generate more feeling than the latter does. Anyone agrees? I do not know whether you feel the same way or not but you can have a try if you do have the chance ;)

Aren't you feel that? Ain't you???????? But I feel that! I want to have an album of mine in the future. Inside are those wonderful and clear pictures taken either by dear or me, yeala of course can derive from other person's too. As long as I feel the photos are amazing and gorgeous can already! Wee~~!! ^^

So so long, long gas "Cheong hei" 长气 panjanggggg air~~~XD Last night we went shopping then this morning we brought baby to jog, yeah! Good for health, breath in the fresh air ;D I show few only here, more photos you go to my Facebook profile lar but not now kay. I have an important task tomorrow so wait it finishes first then I will upload as soon as possible. Let's proceed to the photos yea =)



Thank you.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fatty Foods

Since I am hoping for fatty foods recently so let me talk about this topic then. Not for general knowledge but my personal preferences. I jiǎk-bàh-ehňg-kēh-táo 吃饱没事做 (nothing to do) go searching "top 10 fatty foods" and the result quite surprise me. Yesh yesh I know who also knows to list out the fatty foods larh so are you actually thinking I am the stupid one wasting time go google it? =.=

5 of them are Pizza, Burger, Meat, Chocolate & Ice-cream. I know it is very common you shut up. Lol so rude nowadays? Just a joke, don't take it serious. I won't yell at you like this in the real life ^^

Maybe because of the GOOD marketing lecturer (Mr. Jason Lam) I have now, so what is in my mind is everything about marketing LOL. Finally I know why Marketing students are so relax and enthusiastic already compare to Accounting students. Hell, should I change my course to marketing? "Are you joking?" Yes I am kidding -______-

Look back to the 5 fatty foods I mention above, don't you realize that 3 of them are selling in fast food restaurants? YESSSSSSSSSS Pizza Hut, McDonald & KFC! I forget what marketing topic he was lecturing and he related it with real life examples (He always do! Love him to MAX). Most of the people like to go KFC KFC KFC what celebration also go KFC buy KFC then I asked my buddy :"KFC nice meh? Why so many people like it? Zzz I don't like == I prefer McDonald and Pizza Hut."
Lesson : So don't buy me KFC, you will end up suffering in swallowing all =D

Mr.Lam told us about the management between KFC & McD, the management of McD is better than KFC's. For the full story, please ask me personally if you want to know. I might be sued if there are too many leakages. He:"Ahh Nahhhh still dare to eat or not? Eat larh!" I told my buddy again:"Hhhahahaha luckily I don't like KFC LOL" I laughed -.-I was so bad, and I AM xD Yeah support McD!! And also Pizza Hut..! ;)

The fatty foods I am pursuing are :

Ice-cream! ;D Any ice-cream especially vanilla flavor HOHHhoho..
-___-please.. EXCEPT Baskin Robbins.
You may say I am a weird girl but who cares.
It is so very good what I don't like BR, can save bf's $$$$$ hhahahha =D
Good good……

I only like Cadbury original flavor (pure) chocolate.
This is what I am doing now — eat Cadbury chocolate desperately.
Until sore throat only I willing to stop consuming & drink water geeeeeee~~ ;D Hehe..

Cake! *Creamy cake is excluded because too much creams are disgusting*
Usually people will :"ehhh I don't want"
"I don't want big の, gimme small one!!"
Me? Ohnooo nightmare, the other way round \(≧▽≦)/
I would be happy if you give me cake or the more serious case,
I will volunteer to help to swallow the cake (partial, not all) if no one finishes it.
Of course those not eaten one larh! You thought I am beggar ar simply pick and eat other person's foods ~~~~(>_<)
Again I don't underestimate beggar or I want to show off that I afford to eat whatever I like.
I don't like people to waste food..

I like to eat sweet too.. Those (vanilla is counted too) are included in the list +______+ Gosh, I am the girl who likes to eat unhealthy foods. Though I like to consume fatty foods, but I don't eat oftenly and I eat quite healthily in the real life. I don't eat too sweet and too salty. Even my Milo doesn't contain any milk or sugar, just pure Milo powder LOL. Normally I add in oat to drink together, fantastic! Yea won't tasteless lar, I can still feel the Milo taste =] I shall thank my mum too for the healthy foods she cooks ^^

Why I say I am healthy? Because I think. Hhahha.. My body I know larh! My digest system is so well (I don't need to explain here how well it is) and I don't face constipation unless I don't eat vegetables or drink less water. One more..

See this?
Chinese medicine master says that a healthy person must have this on his/her finger.
The less you have, the worse your body and immune system, then you will feel exhaust easily.
It is the best to have 8-10 on the fingers.
And you know what? I have it on ALL my fingers!!!!! *winks*
Seeeeeee.. I am healthy! ;D

So are you healthy?

Before I end, I would like to share a video recommended to me by my elder sister. Usually I feel lazy to watch if the video is more than 5 minutes but she insisted me to watch so yeah I did. People, watch it. Haha.. I actually cried when I was watching. Whether to watch, up to you.

This film is specially made for parents & is related to the director's own experience. The story is about parents support their children to make dreams come true. No matter what happened, parents will be always waiting for their children, just like the lighthouse lighting for the boats forever.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thing Isn't Like What You Think..

『Warning : This is a long post』

Forgive me for the spamming of philosophism ;D Haha.

Anyway, besides the biggest influence from dear, I guess another determinant of my changes is none other than the philosophy books. Much of thankfulness to the authors especially my favorite, Doctor He Quan Feng 何权峰医师……

Yeah talking about it, the main purpose I update today is to share a meaningful and important lesson I learn from a book I bought lately. Boring? I don't force you to continue close the window bye bye not sending 不送!So cruel xP

I met with a good friend of mine today and we had 2 hours chat. Haiyo girl mah! xP Some more we didn't meet for quite a long time frankly speaking. So yeap, time to update :) Nice chat we have!

Talk talk talk, kepo! Not gonna tell you what is happening and then………… it leads to an article in the book I read and I glad that she thinks the same :)


You could never imagine how things will develop. Life is a never-ending process of disclosure, it will bring you a surprise after another. You would never know how thing will change next.

You must have heard something similar to this, for example, people escape from a so-called disaster because of the missed opportunities, people get to create their own careers because they lost the job previously, someone break with you and because of that, you found your true love.

Originally you thought it is a disaster for you but it is actually a blessing in disguise. 塞翁失马,焉知非福。Do you get me? Many people experienced it just after the incident. Don't you experience before? Therefore, when thing goes towards the unexpected direction, the result may surprise you.

The CEO of Apple said this feelingly, if not because of the failing of study, he wouldn't create Apple. He described, encountering his bad day was a severe suffering life he thought. However, when the bad day was overtaken and he thought for the past, he discovered impressively that it was actually the greatest thing he encountered in his life.

Let me bring one more story for you. Yea it is also one of the stories I read from the book. The story is something like this……

There is a man where he has 4 sons. He hopes that all of them could learn not to do conclusion too quickly. Hence, he gave his 4 children a question orderly and asked them to go to see a peach tree respectively.

The eldest son departed in winter, the second son in spring, third son in summer and finally the smallest son in autumn. When they came back, the man asked them to come over and called them to describe the scenery they saw.

The eldest son said that the tree looks dry out soon, there is no any hope can be seen.

The second son said that the tree grows green buds.

The third son said that flowers bloom on the tree and full of fragrance, it looks very beautiful.

However, the smallest son did not agree with them. He said that the tree is covered by fruits, it is full of harvest and hope.

This man, he told his 4 sons :"All of you are correct, it is because four of you went in the different time and what you saw is just one of the season's." He advice them not to judge a people and a thing through a scenery of a season. One couldn't just see the present, but to pull longer the time.

Thing that happens in a particular time can never be the whole story. You thought it is like that but it isn't like the thing you thought actually. Story has reached the end but it doesn't mean it is over, you wouldn't know how thing will form, will change next.

Relax, there is nothing wrong when things are not like what you think. Try to think, if you can see the scenery of your life from the starting point to the end point, will that be interesting anymore? I guess you know the answer.

Good luck! :D

Pregnant?? xD

He starts to learn crawling..

我想,我也该起飞了…… I guess, I should also take off.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Phone Call

Sugar... Ouuhh honey honey…… *ringing*

Overseas number O.o?????

I thought it was him calling me from there. I thought. So yeah..! I picked up happily :DDDDDDDD Weeeee~~~~~


"哈咯,请问你会讲华语吗?" (Hello, do you know to speak mandarin?)

WAH. Sien. Withering, not him. The girl spoke using a pure chinese tune so I know she is definitely from China.

I replied : "Don't know".

The girl stuck for few seconds then immediately she hang up the phone! Hhhahahahhahaaa..

Lol damn funny. I couldn't stop laughing when I told my younger sister about this and there same went to her.

Stupid lar this alemek.. Oppss! Not stupid ^^ Please loh, it is very very obvious that I was lying ==

Since I knew to answer "don't know" means I know to listen and speak lar xiao jie!

Yea I know I know some people can hear or can hear simple の but they do not know how to speak mandarin.

I think she just scare of English lar so..... *kap!* duuu duuu duuuuuuuu………… xD

Eh I'm not laughing at those who do not know English, don't get me wrong.

There are too many types of human being on this world and we don't know how evil can a person be. One can even stab YOU at the back even though their stuffs have nothing to do with you.

Do you think you know them well? No. You don't.

Come on, people just know to act. He/she treats you damn good in front of you but when you turn around, sorry-sorry-sorry-sorry *super junior*, the story is different.

There's a supervisor and a senior full timer. The good-good supervisor treats everyone nice-nice. In fact, all the workers know well exactly what kind of person she is.

Lack of worker makes them to convert the part timer to be full timer and employ new part timer. Let's say the basic salary for a full time employee is RM850 plus RM50 allowance, so he/she can receive minimum RM900 per month.

Supervisor : Have you told the part timer what's the basic salary for a full timer?

Full timer : Ya, I have told her.

Supervisor : O... Just want to tell you if you haven't let her know, tell her the basic salary for a full timer is RM800 and there's no allowance.

Full timer : Cannot. The basic salary for a full timer must be at least RM850.

Seeeee.. The supervisor wants to "eat" that RM100.

Hello hi…… Now you eat this little RM100, okla not little, it's quite a much amount, next time you have to vomit even more kay! Bear in mind, like what people always say, what goes around comes around (karma). 善有善报,恶有恶报;不是不报,时辰未到;时辰一到,你就知道~

I am not criticizing or what. I simply just want to take this as an example to support the bold sentence. Of course, there are some incidents happened around me which make me think this way.

Anyway, this is just a thought of mine. Do what are you supposed to do and be what are you supposed to be, that's what enough.

Before I end my post, may I have the honor to show you guys some photos of my cousin's?

Make what joke, this is my blog HUMAN! You have no right to decide xD Hhhaha kidding lar!

K k no crap...

No idea why he keeps twisting the bottle while drinking @@

Baby starts to learn :D ……Orange~

Food discovered! "Hhhahaha I want!!~~~"
Baby likes to eat @@ very much!

Baby watches Mr.Bean cartoon! +_+ and I am the one who needs to accompany him. Lol..

Friday, April 15, 2011


Suddenly I feel to write in Chinese hhaha.. 我突然想用华语写。哈哈……












如果你觉得你丑,那么换个发型吧 =)



这是我的超级好朋友 a.k.a 姐。



其实,上一张照有你的背影,发现了吗?Manenek! =)










但是,由于 size 和 cost 的问题,我还需进一步考虑。这…… 心有余而力不足。


我又犹豫,这…… 是我的吗?想起那天给我的劝告。

不能踏进 Popular 了,以防金钱再次流失 o(>﹏<)o

省下一笔来制作手工 ^^



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cousin's Wedding (2nd April 2011)

Too busy, ha.. Had not rest well plus facing my laptop for whole day can really kill much of my cells @@ Omg my eyes +________+ I lied deadly on bed just now regardless how hot was the weather and how much I sweat.

Back to the topic, 2nd April 2011 is a rejoicing day of all of us. Yea my cousin's wedding ^^ This time I am not going to upload so many photos. Go to my Facebook to look for more okie? (If you want)

Before that, let me show you a short slide done by my love! Aha to highlight, I didn't do anything, photos and slide are all his works, I shall not simply grab the credit. I just share the link & upload photos so that my relatives can see :) Great work dear, well done! Keep it up yea ^^

While waiting for the slide, let's view some photos below =)

The day before, open house..

He wanted my Shandy!!! O.O

Guys were having pohpiah making competition. Mainly for husband.
My daddy

My uncle. There are some other photos. Don't want to show larh, I guess none of you is interested by the way hahha. Am I wrong?

I said MAINLY for husband doesn't mean female or wife cannot ;P Ahma's pohpiah!! ;D

Guess whose pohpiah he's eating? :)

The exact date

Their rings =D I also want!! Haha but of course not as expensive as these larh.. Just as a symbol ^^

Baby's "jumping" on the bed!! Or should I say rolling? ;P


Finally, she is belonged to him ^^

They are indulged in the river of the love 沉醉在爱河里 This is a real shot!

You seeeeeeee.. He wanted the herbs chicken soup so much @@

So enjoying.. Hmmm yummmmy ;P

The only photo of mine captured by my hp so it is not as sharp and clear as the rest.

Performing Waltz..


I like a portrait of mine! Not showing anywhere, neither on Facebook or blog. I have my purpose but I am so urge to show!!!!! Lol.. At last I have the photo I want ^^

I know my relatives and me as well thank you for so many times already. Guess you bored of listening, hahhh but I still would like to thank you sincerely for all your efforts. I will feel heartache to see you tiredly rushing here and there. Haha.. Really laa, not sampat kay :) I am very proud to receive good comments from them for everything you did and also to get recognitions for my choice. Xie xie, love you deeply yea dear ^^