Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ROM 2011

11/11/11 seems to be a great day to some people but not for some. Straight to the point, I attended the registration of marriage early in the morning. 

The decoration made by the committees. 

Dajie & Dajiefu. Congratulationsssssssss..!

Well, why I formal? Don't ask. Long story. Why so short? Sad.

So many couples and so so many people. "People mountain people sea" LOL whole building's packed like sardines.

First, pray!

Second, don't doubt liao la, just nod head OK :o)


The models from Amber Chia Academy

Third, write your wishes on balloon. 汉 & 佩?Whots I and him wrote as well hhhahah =.=nola for couples who registered that day only. I just suddenly spot this. 


Go! May all the wishes come true =)

Gown show.. Want to wear...., dream far far. By the way why some so complicated? I don't like too complicated gown hmm..

Forth, kiss muacks! Happiness ^^

Some have to carry bride only can kiss! @@

Fifth, one of the games. 

Yammmm seng SENG !!

Not to forget, happy birthday to 3 couples whose birth dates are on the same day.

HABIS CERITA. I had left the place. Also, bye-bye. See you again next update.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I don't like

the important people in my life to leave me far away. Like my brother, he has started his holiday work and usually back after I've gone to bed. Honest speaking, it is not even one week but I do miss him. So, don't go far far especially my family and dear =(

Hungry? Hhhhahaa.. Made by my mummy!! Delicious can! No artificial flavoring, it's just purely fishball (made from fish by mami too) add water add salt. 

Lastly, congratulation to Sis Kikky !
It's been one year ago Hoong Ie's full moon.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Triple 「Double ONE」

Most of the human talk about six 「1」and seems like today is really special duh? Sad case, still have to go back school to have 4-hours-lecture class sien. Actually, what's so special with 11th Nov 2011? Not all 「1」what, still got 「2 & 0」! Lol purely no offend OK !

I saw Poong saying must leave a print on blog so by crook or by hook a blog post is generated finally! I want to imitate lah so I force myself to write also hhahaha -_____-though I am supposed to complete my homework NAO.

Yeah 11/11/2011 a cake for mummy!!

What a great and special day right!!? Nola, it was few days back my mummy's birthday haha..

Why are they so loving!!!!! Because they are my parent MA =D :D ;D

Let me talk about what is the awesome thing of today. That is………………………… I went to the marriage registration of dajie! Haiya I straight call "dajie" lar har dajie ^^ Dear Dave Goh Chia Han pinjam kamu punya photo kejap haha..

Cute right?! I also don't know why so cute hhahah.. I like the little pearl thingy that make ahpa panda to be eye-catching.

I don't know what is happening to my eye. Very itchy and it started since last night, and still uncomfortable now > < Dear asked if it is due to insufficient sleep? YES I don't get enough sleep these few days, ahhh or I guess I shall also change…… change…… =.=don't know what is it called. The two small things at the center of the spectacles.

An embarrass thing happened on me this early morning. As my left eye was itchy and got red inside so I didn't wear spectacles. Chia & Min were waving at me in front of the hall. I saw but I wasn't sure who were the girls because I didn't wear spectacles then I scared if I "reply" back and it will get more embarrassing IF we are actually don't know who's the hell each other is. So, one of the girls came forward and told me she is Min then only I realised, "ouh shit!" mempersiasuikan exactly hhhhahahahhaha.. *Sighhhhhhh* long long…… XD

Photos are with my dear so cannot show more. I just managed to grab a photo from dajie's Facebook haha.

Cantik girl! Gong hei lei dei YO ! Long long nine nine ^^ Stay tuned for more photos =D

Someone says : 今天是一个很完美的日子。情侣间手牵手散散步,讲讲话,只是粘着他/她过完这一天…… 我觉得这也象征一样东西,就是,这世界,你就是我的唯一,那个长长久久的唯一……
Sad, we didn't get to hold hand today. Stick to each other the whole day? Takda leh =( So, anything for me to celebrate today? OR any special thing for me? =P ^^

Monday, November 7, 2011


I just realise I am actually sama-sama workaholic as dear but I think I'm slightly better than him haha. If not because of my colleagues' frequent orders, I won't bother to eat if you tempt me with finger licking foods in my workplace or I will even forget to eat as long as my work haven't complete.

Just a random photo hehe. Don't ask me why long scarf. I LIKE, ok? ;P

We are all at the same position same level having same reputation. A & B talked about others normally I just listened and laughed that's all! They seem very good to each other but is it the real picture? Isn't shared joy is double the joy? Why must compete under same building instead of co-operative, together work out the ideal accomplishment? For me, the latter is much better than former and that will even bring greater result!!

Then, B told me something about A. Not really backstab but it is more to fact because I feel the same way. Anyway, I just listened, not adding sugar & salt. You know, one way to have a peaceful world is to keep quiet even if you know exactly what is happening but it is not the time for you to tell! Moreover, I don't think it is good for me to talk much for that.

学佛之人不妄语!I did not when the bad emotions rose to maximum point. -___________-Shame! Hhahaa.. I TRY NOT TO have false speech ok. Should I go for Five Precepts? Ha..