Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mumble Time

Mumble time.

First of all, if you find me, I can try to listen to you or perhaps give some comments. After I provide rational advice, you don't listen? It's fine. You tell me this that this dot dot dot you are going to do okay it comes to my knowledge. When thing happens finally, you don't do like what you'd planned. Instead, you fall to the trap that you should have known what is the trap result in the end. You find me for few times and thing do not change and yet, somebody angry just because I know the story walaoeh ridiculously funny. People own self tell me and you want me to force my ears not to hear? My ears are here to listen to all the wonderful sounds ok. It's not that I go to spread and why need I do that? Now you knock my door again just want to talk for fun with me? Sorry no way. Why should I waste my precious time on you? On talk time about the incident that cannot been changed? I still have some other important things to do and I rather use my time this way. I am cruel. Good luck to you.

Sometimes I think a lot honest speaking. Good advices are provided to me, one of them is "Concentrate on what you should or what you're doing." Okay I will listen.

I need a vacation.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

We Met Again

Seldom go out to enjoy nowadays. We hardly meet and this year is a good chance since most of the friends will have birthday party (we are turning 21!). Me??  I hope to have an unforgettable birthday, too.

Cake, my favourite!! T.T Not being able to eat zzz why hair so messy.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Every female would have down and emo mood or maybe like one of the wires is broken during some days of each month. I had uncertain moods these few days and I even went sot plug today. Don't know where is the "leopard gallbladder" come from and you know what I told my boss? "I want to treat you as friend instead of an employer" Ohnomann die hard. Siao.

When I was told about the purpose of an action behind, "oh I did that too!". I actually did not have much mood to do the task given to me but somehow work is going on so I still have the complete it. I keep thinking and thinking when I am doing the work. "What I want?" "Where's my direction?" "What do I like actually?" "What have I achieved so far?"

"I don't know." "I don't know again. I've lost my way." "I do not have any interest now, not even the previous'." "I achieve nothing." Shit! (Okay okay, cannot say shit. Cannot say sibeh too. Aunty Koh say de) Conclusion I feel so useless about myself at that moment that's why I went more emo.

I do not have patient to do same kind of work over and over again after some period especially no challenging one. Not that I am arrogant, just that "practice makes perfect" you know? After some time of doing, the work is at my fingertips and if I would to ask to do the same thing for endless time (if), I will lose my patient, my temper will come. P/s cuff is still my most favourite job in production line I realise after all.

I shall attach an example to make it clearer. For instance, after carrying a work for about 2 or 3 months, I start to get bored. I found this while I was on my previous job. Then "why the time is moving like snail?"... Same thing happens now, I try to look for the reason behind and I get one. It is because the work is at my fingertips and I don't seem to use much brain so I need something for my brain to exercise! Is like, how to say... Something that required me to analyse, to calculate so that my brain can twist or as simple as let my brain to think! I don't say when a work is at the fingertips, then it is not important anymore. It is important! At fingertips is good! But urghh... Anyway, I still satisfy with the training given to me by laoda because he knows to measure and modify. 拿捏!

Okay good, I still have a lot to learn and I am ready for that.

Hehe very cute! ^^

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Melaka Wesak Parade 2012 馬六甲十年大遊行

I have no mood to study my last paper, i.e. Arabic hahha so let me just update a post. Close eye also know what am I going to update larh! (Wesak Day has just passed) :D

Amithaba _/\_  If you do not know, shall I inform you that this is a big parade which will only be held once 10 years. The floats are so much and so nice but I only manage to see some with my naked eyes. Some floats are having their meaning and you will understand if you know the story of Buddha. You don't know also nevermind I will tell you later ^^

吕氏千金…… Hhahaha.. I think I shall cut my hair too??? When we were preparing for our turn. Still long to go, need to wait the sky to turn dark! Luckily that we placed quite in front LoL..

Still remember that 10 years ago I was standing aside to see the Wesak Parade but my most attention were to snatch the sweets thrown to my area HAHAHA. This year I walked. 10 years later? I told my friend then it would be me standing beside to take care of my child who will be waiting to snatch sweets already HAHAHAHAHA.. -______- Jump to the pictures of float then (I only select some, too much, not going to show all float photos).

Front one is the image when Siddhartha (who is later a Buddha) is born.
Back one? When Buddha becomes enlightened/when Siddhartha becomes Buddha.

A lot of lion clubs were participating too. Or actually they were invited? I do not know.

This is the story when Buddha was having meditation and later it rained. Then, a snake (Python) came from nowhere to cover him from behind.

The float I like the most this year. Zen-Tea theme. 茶禪…… Build by Catholic High School.
From here and some other events organized by Buddhist Society of secondary school, I personally think that they are actually more capable and stronger than us. Why? They have to study (generally 7+am to 2+pm), tuition, co-curiculum, what's more about to participate in society activities like this? Shame that we Uni student always complain about classes [rest is given after 4hours class(the most)]. We do not go tuition. We have only few assignments & tutorials but they have homework everyday and they take at least 8 subjects! We have exam they have tests too! Now they can come out with this kind of great work, what about us? Me? What have you achieved? Complain lagi?
是不是,習慣縱容了我們,以至於 “輕鬆、該有好的待遇” 被當成是理所當然了?
Think about it..

The dragon balloon done on the spot! Awesome ain't it?

The float who got 3rd in the competition. From Cheng Hoon Teng Temple 青雲亭……
This story is about Siddhartha went out from town/castle to travel. Then, he saw illness and death.

The night view of that day. Peaceful yea?

The champion of the year. From 馬六甲中華大會堂……

The float got 2nd place in the competition. This is from Fo Guang 國際佛光會馬來西亞學會。
The Buddha (佛像) I like the most. Look most peaceful :) The deco seems like the theme set at Dong Zen Temple this year..

From MBYS. Very cute!! :D

My job of the night, hehe..

Our float. Look quite like the 1st float picture uh? 

We ended our journey at last! The lecturer standing in front of me took care of me well, also to Mr.Tan, the 2nd club advisor. Millions of gratitude! They gave me a chance to feel as a primary/secondary school student again. Naish! ^^

Xiexie. Happy Wesak Day :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Labour's Day duh?

Happy Labour's Day! Yes labour day anddddddd the day I spend was not a labour day but like the real labour day. Lol very tiring zzz we went zoo early in the morning! 

You don't see wrong, it's zoo -_______-

Don't laugh me, you ride before meh?

Such a hot day, sleep is definitely a good choice! I wish I could sleep at that time too you know I insomnia last night? *yawn*

After 5 years, any difference? Hhahaha..

I'm kinda as sampat as this. If you're very good with me you know. End here bye!