Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Liebster Award

I am back! Before I talk what had just carried on, I shall finish the pending work that distributed to me. That is, to complete the "Liebster Award" tagged by Jeannie. I actually doubt people will read this "article" of mine until the end of the blog @.@
 The 5 Rules :

Rule 1Each person must post 11 things about themselves
1. For me, punctual is a respect. I am a punctual girl, so please don't be late when you date me or whatever time you've/we've promised.
2. People always say I look fierce. That's not true!!! My facial expression is like that, takkan want to smile all the time like idiot meh???? I will try to smile more but I don't smile when I'm serious in doing work.
3. I am a weird person, I don't like 100plus & whatever drink that is full of artificial colouring except coke.
4. I scare expose to sun but I am not the serious type of anti-sun.
5. I don't like crowd place.
6. Yellow colour is my favourite colour when I was small but now I do not have any favourite colour. I choose the colour that is best suit of the stuff.
7. My true face : I don't like display ornament, I prefer things that can be used. However, memorable or seriously beautiful awesome display thing presented by my boyfriend or best friend is okay for me.
8. I don't like to explain the reason behind. If you know me, you will trust me & you don't need my explanation. If you don't, what for I explain so much to a person who do not understand my situation & my thinking?
9. I like to eat.
10. I am not stingy but not generous also. My main concern is not to waste money. However, I will be generous towards my family & boyfriend or sometimes best friend too as long as it doesn't consume too much portion of my savings. 
11. Cannot think of any. Okla. He is mine, don't touch him HAHAHA :D

Rule 2 Answer the questions the tagger has set for you + create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer
Questions for me
1. Do you have any nicknames? If yes what are they?
Of course I have lol : Pumpkin, xiao xiao (small small).

2.  Morning or night person?
Sometimes morning sometimes night.

3. Do you believe in ghost?

4. What is your guilty pleasure?
Hhaahahaha non-stop eating mouth-watering foods and then regret later.

5. If you could only ever read one book again, what would it be?
I do not have any book that I like it so much.

6. What you think about white chocolate?
Chocolate is my favourite! Whatever chocolate I also like except bitter chocolate.

7.What is your fashion no-no?
What is fashion no-no? Sense of fashion????? Favourite fashion?

8. Name an annoying habit you wish you never have.
Always take into consideration of others.

9. What is the most evil stuff you have done so far? hehe
"Curse" school air-cond to spoil.

10. Dream vacation?
Japan 日本

Taiwan 台湾

Macau 澳门

 Beijing 北京

11.Do you know what kuih genggang is before google it? ahahaha
I don't know by looking at the Malay name but I know it is a Nyonya kuih. Oooo yuan lai Haha google it >> 九层糕!

Question for the people I'm going to tag
You will know soon.

Rule 3  Choose 11 people and link them in your post
Can I skip this? I'm just trying to be different HEHE.

Rule 4 Go to their page and tell them

Rule 5 Remember no tag backs! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dog lover? You've got a new friend!

Hhaha break the record, the longest time I take to update a post lol, real busy. I like doggie suddenly~.. I like Kuvasz & Husky!
Yea sometimes I do think that dog is a good companion. I know Husky looks fierce haha but so cute this Husky!

Another dog would be Kuvasz dog haha origin from Hungary, a guardian dog ler! Some more, Kuvasz is one of the most loyal dog listed :D

Omg you see! Jealous aku.

 I realise I like large dog instead of small one because I'm ENOUGH small in size so big one is better for me to hug, and then I feel more secure because they can protect me haha. Yeshy I need 安全感。

I found this touching :

1. Lao Pan's dog
When 68-year-old Lao Pan died in China in November 2011, the only surviving member of his family was a small yellow dog. The heartbroken pup took up residence at Pan’s graveside and refused to leave even after going seven days without food. However, villagers took notice of the loyal canine and began bringing food and water to the gravesite — they even plan to build a kennel there for the dog.

2. Hawkeye
Hawkeye the Labrador retriever is proof that dogs, too, suffer from heartbreak. During Navy SEAL John Tumilson’s funeral on Aug. 19, Hawkeye ambled up to his owner’s coffin and dropped to the ground with a heaving sigh. Tumilson’s cousin, Lisa Pembleton, snapped this photo of the devoted dog and posted it on her Facebook page, and the heartbreaking photo was soon shared around the world.  

3. Hachiko

Hidesamuro Ueno brought his dog, Hachiko, to Tokyo in 1924, and every day when he left for his teaching job, Hachiko would stand by the door and watch him go. Then at 4 p.m. the Akita would arrive at Shibuya Station to meet his owner. A year later Ueno died of a stroke at work, but Hachiko continued to return to the train station at 4 p.m. every single day, searching for his owner’s face amid the slew of passengers getting off the train. Eventually, the stationmaster made the dog a bed at the station and began leaving
him bowls of food and water.
Hachiko returned to the train station every day for 10 years until he died in 1935, but in a way, the dedicated dog remains at the station. A year before his death, Shibuya Station installed a bronze statue of Hachiko, and although the original statue was melted down during World War II, a new version was created in 1948 by the original artist’s son. 

4. Tsunami Guard Dog
After an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11, the media was full of tragic news as well as amazing stories of survival. One such survival story centered on a dog that stood guard over an injured canine on a debris-strewn beach. Although the dog was extremely protective of its wounded pal, rescuers were eventually able to calm the him and get the injured pup to a veterinary clinic. The loyal guard dog was then taken to an animal shelter.

5. Dorado
On Sept. 11, 2001, Omar Eduardo Rivera, a blind computer technician, was working on the 71st floor of the World Trade Center with his guide dog, Dorado. When the hijacked plane hit the tower, Rivera knew it would take him a long time to evacuate the building, but he wanted his Labrador retriever to have a chance to get out so he unclipped his leash in the crowded stairwell. “I thought I was lost forever — the noise and the heat were terrifying — but I had to give Dorado the chance of escape. So I unclipped his leash, ruffled his head, gave him a nudge and ordered Dorado to go,” Rivera said.
Dorado was swept downstairs by the mass of evacuating people, but a few minutes later Rivera felt the dog nuzzling his legs — Dorado had come right back to his side. Dorado and a co-worker then helped Rivera climb down 70 flights of stairs, which took nearly an hour. Soon after they escaped the tower, the building collapsed, and Rivera says he owes his life to his faithful dog.

6. Shrek
In January 2009, 10-year-old Maxim Kurguzov was playing outside his Russian home when a fox wandered into the yard, killed one of the family chickens and then turned on the young boy. Then Shrek, the family dog, gallantly leapt in front of Maxim and fought off the fox with several bites to the head. Upon hearing the commotion, Maxim’s father, Alexey, grabbed his son and began snapping photos of his fearless dog, which engaged in a 25-minute standoff with the fox.

7. Lady
Lady the golden retriever was 81-year-old Parley Nichols’ constant companion for six years, and the dog stayed by Nichols’ side even as he developed dementia and began to lose his memory. When Nichols went missing in Ohio on April 8, 2010, so did Lady, and the police spent a week searching for the pair until they found the canine and her owner in a field. Nichols had died of heart failure, but Lady never left his side, staying alive by drinking water from a nearby creek. The loyal dog didn’t want to leave Nichols, but his family eventually took her away from the tragic scene and adopted Lady as their own.