Saturday, August 28, 2010


I guess many of you had watched this before? 
What I want to emphasis through this video is that, please be thankful.
Yea you look correctly, it is THANKFUL.
So why complain so much? By what you are having,
you are actually considered the lucky one, so do I.
Try not to think negatively. Bear in mind,
something bad might be a blessing in disguise

Somehow I would like to thank someone, someone who hurt me deeply. thank you for giving me so much experiences. Because of you, I am changing to a better one with the people around me by my side =D Else, you won't get to see the current me. Don't worry, i ain't blame you :) yes, i am so proud of myself! ^^

There are really much unfair must be accepted in life. Life itself, has many unavoidable circumstances. One couldn't solve a problem by escaping. Instead, carry the responsibility with the wisdom you have. This is what happiness you can have sometimes. Lay down might not be a bad thing. In short, accept the truth, face the truth, settle the truth and finally, lay it down.

Accept : Many people feel hard to accept accidental and disappointed result after a problem has occurred. Don't you think before that life is actually fluctuates? Success and failure are just the ordinary matters. We are impossible to be in favorable circumstances forever. Therefore, accept the adverse circumstances bravely is a kind of wisdom.

Face : Face telling itself that the occurrence of everything has its certain reason. We don't need to look for the reason and there's not enough time for us to do so. We just have to face it and improve it, this is the most direct way of solving. when a problem appears, escape couldn't prevent it from occurring. Instead, face it confidently and calmly, take it as a disposal of crisis training or treat it as a power to boost us to growth. One should not be afraid to bear the consequences of making a mistake but to accumulate the experiences in life diligently.

Settle : For any kind of bad situation, improve it immediately if can. If couldn't, one doesn't need to be disappointed and he should try harder continuously. It is because everyone will still have the chance of being successful sooner or later.

Lay down : Past matter already passed. Reality has restarted since in the beginning right after the problem occurred. So what for if you still couldn't let it go?

One cannot let go own self doesn't have the wisdom while one cannot let go other doesn't have the mercy. One should instead learn to let go own self as well as others or in other word, forgive. The road of the life is still very long and wide, so remember, something bad might be a blessing in disguise.

thank you, CH =) sincerely. I do learn a lot of things from you.

p/s : please do not misunderstand. I am not having any problem in letting go and nothing requires me to lay down currently also by the way.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Happy birthday to my new cousin!! welcome to this world ^^

hehe everyone is so "kan cheong" about him and his mummy.

see, he opened his eyes know when i wanted to snap a photo of him =)

must stay healthy ya.. next time bigger bit jie jie brings you to go to play =3

i ❤ you ^^

Friday, August 6, 2010


sorry for the previous post as i'd made a mistake, should be NEGRO not NIGRO. wondered why was i so unlucky yesterday? yea not going to update twice in a day so i just postpone this article.

okay after that Negro case in the afternoon, now here came a new horrible stranger after i updated my blog yesterday night.

for your information, this is the first time we had a short talk.

yes i know you will ask me why not i just block him? :( i feel so bad to do so  o(>﹏<)o

already 泛滥同情心,now 泛滥友善心。eh i don't know how to explain, let me go yahoo translator ^^

泛滥同情心 = Is in flood the sympathy

泛滥友善心 = Is in flood the kind  (apanie? bcz too kind like what my friend said, so i just modify it hahh)

can you teach me to be more cruel? and teach me how to lie people when talking on the phone and face to face. haihya sometimes too honest isn't a good thing don't you agree with me?

don't worry. i think he wouldn't disturb me anymore gua. don't come again ya, i WILL block you (>﹏<) if you still behave like this next time. give u a warning first ^^

too bad, i am now having an idea of deleting him from my msn. ohnoooo mannn in contrast liao. hahh. ==sweat..

alright stop here, shall pack my bag already! ^^

waits for the next update then ;)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


i have no idea why i feel so tired these few days ==pfftt whatever nobody concerns about it also ahha. eh i didn't know that there is a person who can have exactly same sound as another person who has no blood relationship with him. lol look at it. watch a bit front part can already lar, because behind that is so...... very boring.


lol he eats Stephen Chow's saliva? xD haha..

omg i met a scary guy today!  o(>﹏<)o  the story is like this..

when i was going online at school lab while waiting for my sister, there it came an international student, Nigro guy sitting behind me. i don't mean to criticize Nigro people k but anyway, the fact is there are many people complaining about them!

ok nothing was wrong until i was about to leave the lab. i passed by his place and he looked at me without blinking his eyes O.o?? what happened? am i looking like so alien? surprisingly he said "hi" and gave me an evil smile oh my goodness i feel so absolutely terrified now ;(

he kept staring at me from up to down. seriously he looked at me without turning his eyesight! i felt so stunning and worrying that he would follow me (>﹏<) i fled without further ado! ==don't know what on the earth was he thinking, bad..

of course i told my sister about this. lol i never know she had a worse Nigro case if she didn't tell me. 

sis : the Nigro guy said i am very cute! ==he wanted to touch my face. he even shouted at us and ordered us to go into the same lift. luckily i was with a friend of mine. we were so shock and moved away!!

me : yerrr so scary!!

sis : maybe for them, small size look cute. we are in small size so the conclusion is they think that we are CUTE!!

me : but that guy looks so "bin tai"  (>﹏<)~~~

毛骨悚然  never ever want to stay very near to them already  o(>﹏<)o   "hong bou"..