Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Don't Like to Think of What Title to Put

Honestly it is the peak season for accountant, auditor and tax agent now, we are running out of time!!! After spending 9 hours at office, I usually continued my work at home or write report for my internship purpose. Other than that, I watch an episode of RunningMan or straight lying on bed after eating my dinner and having my shower. Not complaining but current life just make me do not have any motivation to come here or even having trips to other bloggers' places *toink*! 

However I get the inspiration from Timothy about another style of recording. It looks like diary but short one yet meaningful, sweet and funny. Hmm let me see.. if I could have the similar way of writing.

Cool? Done by my hp camera feature HAHAHA. Luckily that he accompanied me to Genting to gasp a breath and took care of me when I was sick that time. Not kidding, I was sick for almost 2 weeks. Anyway, I'm recovered but the haze is here so take care everyone.

The coming 2 weeks are the critical weeks for both us. When I miss him, I keep eating. Paling bagus is chocolate lah. Couldn't imagine how fat will I grow if he is not around with me for a long time. Workaholic usually want to have more individual time but tsk tsk tsk I become more sticky liow how @@

By the way, any nice place to recommend me? I plan to have a short local trip after my internship ends and before my new semester takes in. I wish to have life exploring time like cycling, etc? Something that is more special than the people will usually do when they go for trip. Eat also can! Find for delicious yummy finger licking food!! Any? Any? Not extravagant/luxury trip. Seriously I need recommendations.