Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Present For Our Jason! =D

Yeay I'm now having two weeks holiday, feeling so relax after final ended =D I can do whatever I like, read books, handicraft, event planning, drama, rest puas-puas etc. Since I have more leisure time and sister is busy designing for the event plus I have the ideas so I help her to do the birthday card for assistant leader on behalf of Buddhist Society.

100% handmade!! Simple is the best ;D

7th product : There's a 3D lotus inside when you open the card.

*6th is the valentine's 3D card I did for my dear hhhahha but cannot show, only he can see it ;P*

8th product : Another one origami lotus for him.

Try to imagine if you put the candle inside or LED light. Nice right? Maybe I can think a way to improve it if I am able.

It would be nicer if I use another kind of paper which is softer and shining one. Okay try to find that paper and do for the coming B-Project Camp ^^

Or is there any transparent soft paper? Wow imagine again, chio to the max!! ;D

But too bad, I still can't find the love shape beads =( I am going Dong Zen tomorrow, sunbian have a look if there's selling ^^

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 14

Valentine day is for celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. This annual day is celebrated all over the world on February 14.

当我俩头发白了、牙齿松了、眼睛花了、皮肤皱了... 想告诉你,就算我记忆模糊了,我也一定记得你的样子,深爱着你。

This is sweet isn't it?

Guys, you have to know, suicide cannot be the end of the suffer. Cherish the moments you have. 自杀不能一了白了,请珍惜当下。

Love is actually something beautiful, it depends on how you see it as. 爱原本是美好的,它取决于你如何看待。

Nothing much to talk about this time. Our privacy mah ;P

The romantic gift and stuff provided by Calanthe Art Cafe ;D

[Okay no joint-photo of us currently because I don't have the patient to wait for Ah Sou's cable ><]

Thank you very much dear for the date. One more an unforgettable memory 又是一个刻骨铭心的回忆…… I didn't expect that would be the ending hehe.. 现在想起来我依然会心跳加速 ^^

Happy Valentine's Day