Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ouh My Christmas Day

How was your Christmas eve? Where did you spend it?

So! I worked in the morning and you know what!! I was very very excited thinking where am I going to count down and what can I do dahlala dahlala though I have no invitation T.T..... Then, I kept asking my colleague eh today where are you going? Go with bf ar? Dot dot. 

They asked me back "You le? Where are you going?!" "With bf?"

I thought of a song "I don't wanna spend one more Christmas without you" 

Ouh cry, I said no le my bf isn't here (burst into tears)...

Haha nola he managed to come back =):D I went over his cafe to feel the Christmas atmosphere and most importantly, is to have him with me waiting the arrival of Christmas together ^^

I enjoyed the moment when he stood behind of me, and we wished each other Merry Christmas happily. As simple as that! Hope that for the silent night of the coming years, we can spend it together. "I don't wanna spend one more Christmas without you" ;) Also, I would wish to have my family celebrate together too =D

The first Christmas present from lao da. Just after I chose, he told me this is done by my special. What a surprise! ^^

Snacky snacky so cantik! Go show off lalalala. Haha.. Hmm what should I give in return?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

BS 2011 Winter Solstice Gathering

Ever since my part time work started, struggling for midterm, and endless assignments and tutorials as well, I had not met with them. Yea, It had been 2 months. 2 months!!!!! It seems to be short but to me, it is long enough I miss them badly.

You may wonder why, "just a group of ordinary people what!". Give you a punch prfshk...! They ARE NOT ordinary. They are EXTRAORDINARY !! :D They teach me a lot of things, remind me how should encounter some problems, bring fun to my life. From them, I learn to be a better person by applying the Buddhism 佛法 that passed to me, to be mature in thinking as well as to appreciate more on everything I have.

Never NEVER think that all people from Buddhist Society are bored and outdated OK !! You are super wrong!! I don't need to explain how "IN" we are because you won't understand hhahhahha XD 

Banners and our society flag. For your information, Dong Zen Temple located at Jenjarom will be open to public from 21st Jan to 7th Feb 2012 for their popular lantern and flora festival. Visit if free! ^^

Committees are dividing us into 4 groups. Why are you so tall? I am just like this junior!! > <

 Group 2 ~~

I am in the group 3 !! :D

Ini pattern kah or real pro chef? Haha...

Our tang yuan(s) have variety of shapes. Cube, Sphere……,

 Star!! and etc. Don't underestimate this, this star, 星星 had touched the judges' hearts 触动了他们的“星” ~



Some had even started to eat!!! :O

 One of the judges, Master Ven. Ruyin ^^

Winners of the night =D

The venue provided by 人生佛学会. Clean! ^^ And every of this kinda place where we do learning is always clean ok.

Master Ven Ruyin 如音法师…… I was actually delightful to know that she will be coming when I was in the tang yuan competition :D It is a very good feeling to have a master beside, I feel so comfort and warm, thinking that everything will be fine. WILL be fine.
I was quite surprise to know that she still remembers the thing I consulted her. You know, I am very touched at that moment. 

Call you to pay attention your pattern is more than badminton!!! Hhahaha nah proved! I paid attention XD

Performing ^^

Our group photo!!

Looking at the juniors, they are seriously the potential people who can lead a team and about their knowledge on Buddhism, I feel so shameful to myself. Why was I so ignorant 无知 last time? This group of people, despite new or old friends who attend Buddhist Society activities, they always give me the home feel. I cannot imagine the time when I graduate. I don't like a group of us to leave for own's living. I know the day will come somehow but don't be so fast please! (though I hope to graduate faster because I don't want to exam+assignment zzz).

A good memory added again =)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Calanthe Christmas Party 2011

I don't know dear realises the thing I mentioned or not and I never expect that my small wish can be fulfilled that fast. All thanks to Calanthe staffs for giving me an opportunity to join them on the Christmas party.  

Wonder what experience I hoped for? Continue to read hehe ^^

We had a BBQ at Ann's house first and foremost, then some started playing around with the games brought back from HK by I-don't-know-who haha.

I was into another digits game while part of them played this. Not sure how to play but from what I heard, it is about you believe or not. "You believe this is spider or not?", etc.

Let's straight to the main point hhahhaha.. Yeah gift exchange session I experienced for the first time!! The rule is kind of little bit different from the normal game. Before the day :
1. The names of the people who are going to attend the party are prepared.
2. Ballot.
3. Prepare a present for the person you get.

This is indeed a good idea because rather than receiving a very unknown gift, you would get a present you are hoping for so long or the gift that actually suits you better.

The founder of this idea a.k.a one of the boss started the game first. Why didn't tell me earlier that everyone needs to have a speech > < ?

"This is for her" "She has a long hair" "She is actually a ... , ..., .... person" "I bought her this because..."

Blah lalala. This is for me!!!! Hhhahahahhaa surprisingly!! Don't want to tell you what he said.  I am the 1st receiver of the night woohooo! Show you photo lah.

Hhhahahhahaha.. I know ok funny. Why must you acne popped out on my right face at this very good timing -________- Sien.

 Tepuk tepuk, pass and pass and pass to the next person.

Peace! Caca xiao mei mei ^^  

Mama is teaching her to give a speech. Will I be like as patient as her in the future? May be. HAhaHA..

Ok stop. End. Balik rumah...XD

I suddenly realise that they have the husband-wife-look hhhahahaahaha cannot tahan I keep laughing ;P
Not bad mah eh! Haha..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

One of the Funny Story of Us!

Life is awesome after every exam hhahaha and my activity is obviously increasing and rising and tambah-ing trollolololll but assignments are here to torture us students and make our lives so suffer, miserable, and complicated. What's the point of doing anyway? I don't like to do assignment and pass year paper that has no answer provided at the end and of course, you won't be seeing me so hardworking to find the solutions unless answers are there XD Hhhahah..

So yea, we celebrate a BS member, Chooi Ting's birthday at Amigo past two days. Friends asked me:"eh, you got bring your camera or not?"

I answered loudly:"You've asked the right person. OF COURSE I bring!!" :D

So after I took my seat, I happily and proudly taking out my camera yeah. Then, I realised something went wrong WHY MY CAMERA IS SO LIGHT?!!!

"OUH!!! I forget to bring my battery =.= hhahhaha"

My sister and me. NO touch up on faces laaa I swear..... Sweat just after this night, my face pops out an acne due to sickness and insufficient sleep. Ah I cannot accept hhahaha who can? I believe every girl would wish that the disaster stays away from her forever don't you?

You must be wondering why am I showing this. There's a story behind. Not a knife, but a lighter. He was actually testing if the lighter is workable and how strong is the fire. Then, as soon as after capturing this, he lighted it up. Pssskkkkkkkkkkkkkkk terbakar!! XD > <

See! Hhhahahahhahahaha I cannot tahan looking at my friend who wears the pink blouse hhhhahhahaha siao sampat and Durian Tan (the guy) what are you doing?! Hhhahahahhaa XD I laugh everytime I look at this. 看一次笑一次! EPIC!! xD

A group photo of us ^^

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saturday Gathering

Welcome back!! Haha.. Sorry lar sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy almost one month (few more days to go) for not updating my blog haha so rare. Are you still constantly coming here to peep whether or not a new post is up? NO AR? Then never mind la jangan datang anymore XD Kidding anyway, life is busy with SCHOOL and MONEY. By the way, my midterm ended =D More relax already at least can jio me go out haha.

Why cry? What is happening recently? Last Saturday, my relatives who are very close to me had a family gathering. In short, my uncle & aunt & baby & ahma..................... Mayak orang oK? Hahhaha..

Look like AngMo or not? Hello! AngMo kia XD Haha... Photogenic ya? ^^

Happy birthday cake? Not a birthday party OKAY it was merely a family gathering for steamboat! Yummeh!! Hoh liao~ Bah kut teh steamboat lagi haha sorry for muslims & vegetarians. Then, an idea came saying let's celebrate those whose birthday are on December!! Nice or not? This is a homemade birthday cake from my cousin =)

Half of the people. Of course la you won't be able to see me hhahhaa tak moh bagi you tengok. Next post ^^

 Told you he likes birthday cake birthday song whatever that is related to birthday. Really nice one dear! :D

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Haha .. 
Cantik mah, I like this other than the former one then I put a lot of loves lor ^^

I don't need to explain much, you can know how happy & merry the atmosphere was by just looking at my uncle's face. This is a cheese cake and I shall inform you that I like cheese already -________- Being influenced by boyfi. You know, I am the one whose interest will to move towards my love's. Not just interest to add on, but also thinking & etc. Of course, not all, for some I still persist my own's.

Happy birthday in advance all!! The coming activity.......... HURRAY I'm so looking forward I actually cannot wait haha. Not to forget, and also next week's activity ahhhhhhh *walk back and forth* cannot wait cannot wait :D

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ROM 2011

11/11/11 seems to be a great day to some people but not for some. Straight to the point, I attended the registration of marriage early in the morning. 

The decoration made by the committees. 

Dajie & Dajiefu. Congratulationsssssssss..!

Well, why I formal? Don't ask. Long story. Why so short? Sad.

So many couples and so so many people. "People mountain people sea" LOL whole building's packed like sardines.

First, pray!

Second, don't doubt liao la, just nod head OK :o)


The models from Amber Chia Academy

Third, write your wishes on balloon. 汉 & 佩?Whots I and him wrote as well hhhahah =.=nola for couples who registered that day only. I just suddenly spot this. 


Go! May all the wishes come true =)

Gown show.. Want to wear...., dream far far. By the way why some so complicated? I don't like too complicated gown hmm..

Forth, kiss muacks! Happiness ^^

Some have to carry bride only can kiss! @@

Fifth, one of the games. 

Yammmm seng SENG !!

Not to forget, happy birthday to 3 couples whose birth dates are on the same day.

HABIS CERITA. I had left the place. Also, bye-bye. See you again next update.