Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Hansom

It's very happy to have this bunch of friends around.
P/s : The status is posted by his friend due to poor security of him

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A brief to the activities done

July & August are the busy months of mine, honestly I went almost depress due to the stress coming towards me. Seriously I am not making joke, just enjoy when you still have the chance. I found out that the time I spent at my workplace is actually letting me to run out from the area of suffocation for some time to gasp for breathe.

The event of the month of July is none other than from BS. Yes, the B-camp has come back! This time I managed to engage myself in the camp by becoming one of the committees. What I am happy for it is that the members enjoyed a lot and they could not stop themselves from indulging after the camp came to an end. Now, they even still contact with each other and participate more in BS activities. 他们都是可造之材!

I started by chance, just like a dust. Who can actually see my fragile?

We went for field meditation. It is like exploring the nature, the forest.

We don't mind the dirtiness of each other, we unite.

We had morning class.

We lighted up the candle and prayed.

Next, I attended 21st birthday party of my friend. Another one would be on next week. There are few in September and October. Wow the 2nd half year of mine is so much interesting with all kind of events. Hehe I'm so looking forward to the month of October :D

He asked me to go along with him for his BB 50th anniversary dinner. So yea of course I am willing ^^


Monday, August 6, 2012

So much events so little time

Wow there are a lot of activities recently but I don't have any time to blog hhaha. Is seriously busy that kind, got leisure time of course keep to him lah no need to say. Anyway just a brief one for this time, I attended 21st birthday party of my friend.

The center birthday girl. Beautiful right! I personally think this photo is nice, met the level I want. 看了有感觉、舒服。Hhahha if only you understand what I mean. My requirement is high I admit, maybe because of my boyfriend lol.

Found me?

There will be another round this month.