Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Machap CNY Eve

Is there anything else to do besides attending reunion lunch and dinner? Ouh yes yes yes! :D I..... fully utilised my CNY eve haha of course not only eve but also these 2 days ;)) What a good Dragon year, a lot of surprises *smile wide wideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..~

Haha yeap Machap. I spent my last hour of 2011 (lunar) there. Whole village is bustled with noise and CNY good-good-atmosphere.

Correct? Not as horrible as in Jonker Walk lar. At least still can walk freely, not packed like sardine *hate this* like imagine you have to "communicate" with sticky sweaty hands & bodies, and you know, I am enough short, so I definitely can hardly breath xD

Kelian the friend standing beside me because he had to squat a lot (plus he is the tallest) XP

They had around 10 minutes of fireworks at 12am sharp. The feeling was great and different because normally we see from far but this time the fireworks were just few foots away, you know.. 

People left right after the fireworks finished. Thank you for those who performed on the stage that day. You are not pity because you still have audience like me :D Hhaha.. ^^ Friends bought few lanterns and distributed to few groups of us. Yeah not to forget also, we wrote our wishes before releasing.


This year is much easier than last year because we don't have big winds here.

Fly already then must come true ya ^^

Ouh. Couple by couple. Hahhaha thank you for the lantern =D

Love and me. 
Dark circles so serious? Haha YALA past 2 days didn't sleep well. Tak senang.....

Our lantern =)Fly high high yo!

Okla I end here with group photo. Coming I have another visit. Bye!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

CAC & J.Design 2012 Dragon Annual Dinner

Sudah tapao papers, is time to relax and play !! HAHA.. So yeap, it is the annual dinner again and hope that the growth of Calanthe & Joe Design can be further sustained over the coming years. Huat yea jiayou! ^^


Busy what? We check our KLSE can? XD New year new investment. Haha.. Jk.

Yummeh ! Hungry lio? Don't think so much, eat your reunion dinner ;P 

Quote : This what people say, tak makan tak ape, GAYA mao ade!! Haha..

Slurpppp. What stick is this?

Our new Datuk & Datin ? Hahha.. Employee (she) of the month yeah!! Congratulations..
P/s : Thank you so much sis Bee Yan for taking care of me during KTV session. 
And also to dear for covering me!! you  I will practise the song, next time we dual ya ^^

Happy?! Yes happy..

Semua orang pun happy !! :D

And he never fail to be a good photographer ^^

Pictures more than words. Continue!! This is the time where everybody looks forward whottsS angpow as an encouragement ^^ Oh! Including gifts for those employees whose birthday fall on January and lucky draw session too.. TAHNIAH!!

Illustrating and next step is to distribute presents !!

Lucky drawing ^.~

O.o Yes? You get iPad ? ;D

It's heavy!! Wonder what's inside?

Can't stop laughing Can't sleep tonight.

The Calanthe Family. 继续努力!Haha..

Gong Hei Fat Choy !!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cake as the Return ?

We are different because we started our party today instead of tomorrow ! Haha.. This neighbour is seriously LAGI different because she gives us cake besides a box of mandarin orange.

Mouth-watering :P Finger licking =P

 And also wine. Each for everyone. For the remaining glasses, punishment for those who lose in the game.
Sorry, after so much round of Choh Dai D, I still don't kena any hhahhahaa ..

Let us just celebrate for the one whose birthday is the nearest then. I don't know how did I capture this but it is just so nice the effect.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Copy & Paste & Add & Delete

Because I compose it already then now I pretty want to finish my target FAST and I have another thing to talk about so you just translate it yourself if you do not know to read chinese ok hahhaa...

*Of course I will delete some lines which only very FEW PEOPLE can know* Shakeass LOL.

:: This is the New Year eve & short New Year post. ::  Don't say I ffk.

2011年 12 月 31 日(星期六)

我和佛学会的朋友们上了一趟A Famosa,出席佛光青年举办的《爱我青年》三好学佛营的佛光之夜。


佛光别墅所在的环境很不错。对面有一片湖可以欣赏,正好!我们抵达的时候,他们歌颂着《欢迎歌》欢迎我们。感觉…… 有如明星正在红地毯上步行,哈哈 *害羞*。


先来听听营长的指示。有两位小姐不专心!照片再次证明,我一直都很专心!哈哈……  Can chiuuuu find me?


Nice lyric it has, not just this sentence. Got time I learn ya because I like this dance haha I still can remember some of the steps taught by committees, not all. Force me to do this dance lar, otherwise I don't think I will find time go learning HAHHHA..
But still, I like this dance.



那时候突然发现,身边的人对我来说真的很重要,我应该多多珍惜他们。 所以我做了个决定…… (在这里就不告诉你们);P

这是什么?看他那红红的双脚,是的!我们到亚罗牙也去泡温泉。顾客有觉不睡,竟然三更半夜吃跑得空跑去浸温泉。我们不一样啊~ 哈哈。其实也许他们也像我们不一样,hmm…… 

原本的计划是回到别墅去挂单(即是投宿的意思),可是最后我们都在亚罗牙也市中心的肯德基家乡鸡餐馆逗留到早上6时。2012 年的第一份早餐!有些人到车上睡觉,剩下的都在室里玩得不亦乐乎!玩什么?《真心话大冒险》。
我被点到了4次,全选真心话…… 问什么?(也不告诉你们);D

2012 年 1 月 1 日(星期日)


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Starry Starry Night

I just likeeeeeeee to procrastinate when it comes to theory subject zzz. Can you go away? NO.

Since I am so reluctant so let me instead completing this draft first then hahahhha LATER LARRRR I study. I abhor theory subject ok! I just like calculation subject ok! And why next sem all theory subjects slap you coordinator ok! 老师你要手下留情 ok ! :D

I received my belated birthday present last week. Haha what a surprise.

Hmm seh dak to write ler! 不舍得。

Haha. Now I know what to write already