Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life as an Intern

It has been 1½ months since my practical training ended, now only I talk about it due to never ending busy (busy work, busy trip and busy rest) haha! Like always.

I am grateful that I've made a correct decision between two choices. I learnt many things which is what I really want for my practical training from this firm and eventually my efforts paid off when I receive the recognitions from both inside and outside the company.

Our intern gang made up from 1 Malaysia. The life at O.L.Yeo & Co. is challenging especially during the peak season yet relax when all kinds of entertainment came.

The thing I'm afraid the most is the room temperature. It can be very cool until our upper class cute Indian friend covered himself with girl's scarf. Sometimes, you know, not all accounts are in proper manner, they can be very messy. So, you will end up going mad. Haha!

One of the entertainments we had is having a luncheon to celebrate our big boss' birthday at Restaurant New Lagoon. We're required to do performance based on our creativities and ideas for all his kindness and opportunities given to us.

Wonder what is this? The guys were all drunk! I'm still awake :) Anywhere this is not the office.

There's nothing to talk about peak season, it's none other than rushing the audit for clients. In conjunction with the end of peak season, O.L.Yeo Group of Companies organized a charity show like every year they did. The purpose is to raise fund and send to any charity organization the donors wish to donate their monies to. This year, the venue is at Equatorial Hotel and the performers are from the Malaysia Popular Dama Orchestra team.

Yes! It is about Teresa Teng. The main singer, Tan Soo Suan sings like Teresa Teng!! It is a good orchestra and everything just went well and perfect that night. Anywhere, the song I like the best is the "Careless Whisper" sang by Chang Fang Chyi (1st from right). Too bad I can't manage to get the song copy :(
Before the show started, all the guests were free to have a buffet. Our job is to serve as an usher and direct them to their tables or offer them service whenever they need help. We were required to dress up ourselves with elegant look.

#Dress# from Simple and Beauty @ 012-3626211 Serien Chia / 012-3626222 Wong Yit Fong
#Hairdo# from Chia Chia @
#Make up# from M Nicole Make Up @ 016-6655737
#Dinner purse# from Summer (Dataran Pahlawan) @ 06-2867898

The thing that all the girls will never miss is to have a shoot! Do we look nice? =)

And the guys (interns only).

Next, a farewell luncheon is held specially for us the interns at the roof top of Bamboo Hut Bistro.
 Felt so wonderful (end of practical training!) yet heavy hearted to leave the company.

 All in all still a happy memory (if you don't disturb me in class!)

For me, I don't choose Big 4 as a place to undergo industrial training is because you will be focusing on a particular area only for few months, or even learn a little. In small and medium sized company, instead, you can see the whole picture of audit and have the opportunity to explore more as in O.L.Yeo & Co., we are given individual cases whereby we need to responsible on the clients' audit from beginning to the end. As the cases go, you will encounter different situations. From there, I learnt :)

Thanks O.L.Yeo & Co : Mr.Willie Yeo & Mr.Jerry Wong. Not to forget, all the colleagues and intern friends.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Travel to Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Since my anniversary falls during my holidays and my bf is so flexible, so we went for a local trip as a way of celebration (because we are going overseas next year! Save money). To add on, I actually wanted to have a short travel before new semester starts. This time, we choose Cameron Highlands because I never go before =)

The moment that I have been waiting over 4 months! What an awesome morning I have with him, we departed to Cameron after having our breakfast yeay :D

We checked in to our Hotel, Snooze right after arriving. The hotel location isn't hard to get, you can see as you passed by Brinchang town area :) The weather was windy and started to rain when we reached our first destination, Big Red Strawberry Farm.

Left : Strawberry waffle                                  Right : Strawberry lassi

There are over 30 types of Strawberry foods/drinks for you to choose and the prices quoted are also reasonable. The service is good and satisfactory. From the survey I'd done, I found that strawberry float and strawberry lassi are recommended drinks. However, for both my bf & me, strawberry lassi is okay only, nothing special. The strawberry waffle tasted nice but we are too full because we took our lunch before coming here. So, I wasted 2 bites @@ I leave the strawberry float for next visit then :) You may try strawberry fondue too (look nice!) at RM16++.

The reason why I chose Big Red Strawberry Farm is because it is the recommended strawberry farm among all. The entrance is free too. Raining somehow did not cause us headache because the farm is cover by the transparent roof top.

Our next station is Time Tunnel Museum. 

I realise that many people around me who went Cameron before have never been to this museum. It is a must visit museum if you go Cameron. The entrance fee is RM5 per adult. I would say that the visit worth the price =)Like the name itself, the old stuffs there bring you to several years back and remind you of those times.

The old cash register. I wonder how and where the owner got this from.

Have you ever wonder why the Darlie toothpaste called 黑人牙膏 (Black man toothpaste) in Chinese while the face is not black at all but white? I was wrong! The old Darlie toothpaste image is actually black in face.

Originally we planned to visit Boh Tea Plantation next but due to the rain issue, it's okay we moved to Lavender Farm. We are lucky that we can experience a full growing of lavender because it is a seasonal plant.

By the time we arrived at the farm, the rain was only drizzle. This is again not an issue because the farm is covered by the roof top as well. The entrance fee to the farm is RM5 per adult. Worth! The farm is located at Tringkap and is beautiful.

Apart from that, there are other flowers too, examples are daisy and morning glory.

The night was very very cool due to raining. We didn't feel to visit the pasar malam after bathing but to enjoy steamboat at the shop downstairs of our hotel. The portion just fit us so well and the price is also normal.

A picture early in the morning yeay!! ^.^

God always keeps the best for us. At first, we planned to stay overnight at Gerard's Place, backup plan Father's Guest House because of the good reviews, views and rate. Both are at Tanah Rata. However, it was full house! So, we moved to Snooze Hotel at Brinchang (as what I spotted at first and he asked me to kiv). Brinchang is cooler than Tanah Rata (more like in Cameron, that's the reason we go Cameron ma! because Tanah Rata isn't cool at all). We are very very satisfy with Snooze Hotel and we decide to stay there again if we go Cameron. Then, originally we wanted to visit Boh Tea Plantation on the 1st day but it was raining so we planned to go before we left Cameron the next day. The weather is just niceeeee and not hot at all. For every place we went, we didn't need to grab parking with anyone and we didn't need to wait long when he drove.

Boh Tea Plantation is a must visit place in Cameron! The entrance is free and you'll be guided by the staffs there to see the process of making until packaging the Boh Tea.

He was forced by me, to take a picture, at Boh Tea Plantation Cafe, HAHA.

Look! The cafe view is so nice! The location is perfect to view the whole Boh Tea plantation.

Thanks baby for all the pictures you took for me, Love you!

What a pretty nice memory I have with him in Cameron 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Snooze, Cameron Highlands

I prefer relax and quiet life, same to my partner, Dave. Hence, for the anniversary trip to Cameron, we rather travel our own than following the tour. Both us like the "home away from home" concept of accommodation, so I made a survey and eventually Snooze caught my attention. Both my partner and I are pretty satisfy with the stay at there with the nett price of RM88 per night on off-peak weekday. So, I decide to write a review for them :)

We are required to take off our shoes beforehand. After we checked in, we were directed to our room by the staff in charge. ZaZu, our room located at the 3rd floor. I'm truly impressed by the cleanliness of this Boutique Hotel, this is what we concern the most in selecting the accommodation. Frankly, it is hard to find a Hotel as clean as Snooze.

We got a double room with a very comfortable and clean Japan style bed. "Simple is the best". 

Then, in front of our bed, there's a small section for us to enjoy our drinks. The owners are so caring, they prepare some Cameron Tea Packs and sugar for the guests. Bottles and cups are also available inside every room. On top of that, there's a simple rack decoration with a local channel TV beside.

As we came out from room, there is a small stool which is an added point to the block level designs. 

Living room is one of the shared common areas between the guests of Snooze. However, they have a rule whereby the guests are required to slow down the voice after 10pm. Thus, you need not to worry about the noise. 

There's also an iron stand provided for the guests. We are free to use it. There is a small kitchen area for us whereby variety of tableware are prepared too. To the info, cooking is not allowed :)

Snooze is located at Brinchang area, which is a city cooler than Tanah Rata. Having a steamboat is definitely a correct choice especially on a raining night during our stay. There are so many steamboat shops available downstairs of Snooze, which is a perfect location for us. Their security is good as well because only guests with access card can enter the Snooze building.

Before we left on the next morning, we had a sneak peek on unlocked "The Lion King" room opposite of my room. This is the room that made me stun once I arrived there the day before.

One of the rooms with two queen sized beds. As you can see, all Snooze areas are so clean! *thumbs*

 Do you have a home feeling? I can feel how sincere and patient the owner is in managing this boutique hotel.

For those who enjoy reading, this is the section you will surely like it. Different kind of seats are ready for you. After staying a night, I wish to extend my stay at Snooze. Very very comfortable. However, the accommodation at KL is booked and paid. Hence, we couldn't but to leave Cameron Highlands.

Not to forget, I left a small note for Snooze before checking out as my appreciation and encouragement.

They have many colorful notes from their guests and I'm one of them ^^ 

Goodbye Cameron Highlands and Snooze. I will definitely come back to stay if I come Cameron again or to recommend to the people around me who are planning to go Cameron. Gambateh! :)

Facebook : Snooze Cameron Highlands
Location : 4 Jalan Besar, 39100 Brinchang, 39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.
Contact : 014-6690108
Email :

Friday, October 4, 2013


不,我爱。因为…… 喜欢,是淡淡的爱;爱,则是深深的喜欢。

It's surprisingly and happy to believe that we are together for more than 1,000 days already. I told him about the approaching of anniversary 2 months ago when I was still on the way counting the days, he said he feels like it is only 1 year!! There's a saying goes "Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one" 在爱人眼里,一千里的旅程不过一里。This is a good sign proving that he doesn't feel dull at all being with me, how delightful I am to hear the answer though it is as simple as few words.

I'm writing this now, indicating that one more year has passed. This post is dedicated to all the beautiful things you have done for me, all the times that you have stood by me and protected me, everything you have given me, especially love and your heart!


于千万人之中,遇见你要遇见的人,没有早一步,也没有晚一步。也许上天会在我们遇到梦中人之前安排我们先遇到别人;这样在我们终于遇见心仪的人时,便应当心存感激。No one is perfect. You are not, neither me. You are not going to quote poetry or you are not thinking about me every moment, I will hold onto you and give you the most I can though you will make mistakes (except cheating on me) because perfect guy don't exist, there's always one guy who is perfect for me.

Life is not a bed of roses. 人生的道路不能一帆风顺,爱的路程也有风雨。We do not argue face to face, as little as conflict happened only 1 time per year nor the cold war lasted more than 1 day. 爱在宽容中永恒。其实,争执在很多时候,没有留下任何输赢,却失去了很多本应珍惜的感情。所以,我们千万别把大部分的生命浪费在感情不和的纠葛中。I'm happy that we grow more and more mature in relationship whereby everything can be discussed and settled through communication. 

I'm quite agree with this quote "Love is not finding someone to live with; it's finding someone you can't live without". When I meet any trouble, the first person I have to just look for you because you're the one understand me so well other than my family. I always tend to get irritating by some morons especially the past few months, but the only one I will seek the comfort from is you. In the end your one smile will liberate my mind. For every time we are going to have a date, just the thought of being with you the next day is enough to get me through the day. Yes! You are my greatest refreshment!

You walk into my life suddenly and make me see why it never worked out with anyone else. People never ask me what are my weaknesses. I would say one of my weaknesses is definitely you. We'd been through a lot occasions. The more boys I meet, the more I realize that it's only you I want to be with.

1. We worked together in Cacpsb and had the annual dinner. You're proud of me for getting the awards.
2. We spent Christmas morning at church. I witnessed your work.
3. Your good friends graduated. We are happy for them.
4. Last gathering with your coursemates. You BBQ alot for me.
5. We're having dinner on Valentine's Day. You're so handsome.
6. I follow you to your pre-wedding job at Johor. Had fun & helped a little.
As mentioned above, you're busy for client's pre-wedding shooting. I, on the other hand playing around, watching the way you worked, helping to carry equipments & seeing how happiness the couple were. You didn't (and don't) find me irritating but you worry that I got boring. However, being with you doing absolutely nothing means absolutely everything to me. 恋爱时,干傻事总是让我感到十分美妙。你认真的时候特别迷人,至少对我而言。有时候,听到一些事,明明不相干的,也会在心中拐好几个弯想到你。So, most of the time I caught myself smiling for no reason, then only I realised I was actually thinking of you. Seriously until now, my heart will still beats fast each time when I see your new photo tagged by your friends. An example is like the photo below. Haiz, I melt (*^◎^*) It means..... I fall in love all over again every time I see you!

He travels to outstation often for the business purpose and I don't question a lot especially on his business matter. However, I wish him to inform me at least so that I can rest assured.  我们从来不玩失踪,因为如果动辄无故地失踪,会让我俩为彼此的安全而担心,就算是有过的冷战也一样。因为爱不是逃避,是努力在一起。

Talking about his business, this is his recent work. How can you be so awesome I'm so proud of you!! This is a must watch video, I like it very much!! 看了我也有股冲动想拍 pre-wedding hhahaha (≧v≦)~

Still remember that last year we travelled to Sabah, you got serious food poisoning so you looked terribly bad. You vomited, you diarrhea, you trembled, you almost dehydrated... :'( I was the one taking care of you with the helping hands of laoda & ahsou. You knew I cared and worried you more than anyone else there so I rather skipped my dinner than leaving you alone at apartment. Do you know how touch I felt when you kept asking me to eat dinner because you heard ahsou asking about my dinner while you were still sleeping and in blur condition? Frankly speaking, to me, you still look hansom as still no matter how sick you look. 50年后,当我们都老了,有谁没有皱纹、白发?有谁不会变衰老、矮小?如果你没有貌,但你有才。如果你没有才,但你温柔。如果你不温柔,但你…… 也许你什么都没有,但我正爱着你的平凡。平凡的你给了我一份平凡的爱情。看在我眼里,捧在我手心,记在我脑中,留在我心头。

We went to Redang with CAC members. Notice, you were holding me though we were just near the seacoast feeding the fishes because you know I do not know swimming. Talking about "hold hand", I still want to say, for the first time I held your hand when we just started our relationship, you didn't dare to move your hand at all and sweated a lot haha how cute!! When I hold your hand, I feel so secure and at peace because our love is so pure and so true, it glows with every passing day.

Nowadays, people tend to have the love shown in the romantic Korea or Taiwan drama. For me, just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, it doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. You made me realize that love is not in the way they show in movies but in remembering the little small things which matter. For example, you brought along your towel for me to cover my body after snorkelling because you know I'm afraid of cold.

You never tell me how much you treasure me as a girlfriend of you, nor tell me you love me in front of me but only through electronic form. I know that to you, love is not how much you say "I love you" but how much you can prove that it's true. You don't say "I love you" out of habit, but you say it to remind me that I am the best thing that ever happened to you, just like last week :
Me : Do not always keep bad things to yourself, you can share unhappy things of yours with me ya. 上帝送我来,不单只是要我消受你所给的福分,也能是和你一起承担苦难的日子,聆听你倾诉。这,才是在一起。
He : God treat me well because he gave me you.
誓言这种东西无法衡量坚贞,也不能判断对错,它只能证明,在说出来的那一刻,彼此曾经真诚过。I am very touching seriously and I would like to say the same thing to you : I have received many gifts, that have been sent from above, little things and big things, your love is the greatest gift of all. If our love is not meant to be, then He would not have given you to me.

You always walk or sit at my left side. 也许你不懂…… 站/坐在我左边,那样你离我的心更近一些了。我要的幸福,不是长生不老、不是大鱼大肉,而是在每一个微小的生活中愿望达成。我也多想一个不小心就和你白头偕老。I don't always say I love you in front of public, but here I am to tell you Happy 3 years anniversary my dear. There is only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you : I love you.