Sunday, October 6, 2013

Snooze, Cameron Highlands

I prefer relax and quiet life, same to my partner, Dave. Hence, for the anniversary trip to Cameron, we rather travel our own than following the tour. Both us like the "home away from home" concept of accommodation, so I made a survey and eventually Snooze caught my attention. Both my partner and I are pretty satisfy with the stay at there with the nett price of RM88 per night on off-peak weekday. So, I decide to write a review for them :)

We are required to take off our shoes beforehand. After we checked in, we were directed to our room by the staff in charge. ZaZu, our room located at the 3rd floor. I'm truly impressed by the cleanliness of this Boutique Hotel, this is what we concern the most in selecting the accommodation. Frankly, it is hard to find a Hotel as clean as Snooze.

We got a double room with a very comfortable and clean Japan style bed. "Simple is the best". 

Then, in front of our bed, there's a small section for us to enjoy our drinks. The owners are so caring, they prepare some Cameron Tea Packs and sugar for the guests. Bottles and cups are also available inside every room. On top of that, there's a simple rack decoration with a local channel TV beside.

As we came out from room, there is a small stool which is an added point to the block level designs. 

Living room is one of the shared common areas between the guests of Snooze. However, they have a rule whereby the guests are required to slow down the voice after 10pm. Thus, you need not to worry about the noise. 

There's also an iron stand provided for the guests. We are free to use it. There is a small kitchen area for us whereby variety of tableware are prepared too. To the info, cooking is not allowed :)

Snooze is located at Brinchang area, which is a city cooler than Tanah Rata. Having a steamboat is definitely a correct choice especially on a raining night during our stay. There are so many steamboat shops available downstairs of Snooze, which is a perfect location for us. Their security is good as well because only guests with access card can enter the Snooze building.

Before we left on the next morning, we had a sneak peek on unlocked "The Lion King" room opposite of my room. This is the room that made me stun once I arrived there the day before.

One of the rooms with two queen sized beds. As you can see, all Snooze areas are so clean! *thumbs*

 Do you have a home feeling? I can feel how sincere and patient the owner is in managing this boutique hotel.

For those who enjoy reading, this is the section you will surely like it. Different kind of seats are ready for you. After staying a night, I wish to extend my stay at Snooze. Very very comfortable. However, the accommodation at KL is booked and paid. Hence, we couldn't but to leave Cameron Highlands.

Not to forget, I left a small note for Snooze before checking out as my appreciation and encouragement.

They have many colorful notes from their guests and I'm one of them ^^ 

Goodbye Cameron Highlands and Snooze. I will definitely come back to stay if I come Cameron again or to recommend to the people around me who are planning to go Cameron. Gambateh! :)

Facebook : Snooze Cameron Highlands
Location : 4 Jalan Besar, 39100 Brinchang, 39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.
Contact : 014-6690108
Email :


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