Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bello !

The recent hot topic is none other than the Bana.nana. How can the people have so much patient to queue for so long at midnight just for a small yellow toy? Lol wokay wokay conclusion, I don't have any interest on it so, whatever. The only thing I can't bear watching are the wastes people create especially the food. How can they throw the McD into dustbin right after taking out the minion????? I read a comment from a fb user, it's kinda funny. He says "It's hard for a monkey to transform into a knowledgeable human after millions of years and yet people behave madly like this now just because of a ... banana." Ha ha ha ha!

My internship life was busy and actually my health is affected. I still not sure what's the factor but then I guess I'm going for doctor to check out soon. Gossip is everywhere regardless how quiet you remain in the workplace. I'm not going to criticize anyone here though I know it well. I emphasize, I KNOW.

I mind so much the ONE pimple on my left cheek because it is so obvious! Some more I don't apply make up. Ugly can! Zzz. It is more than a month already. It's the effect after the giant painful acne pop out. I don't squeeze it but waiting it fades slowly by itself or the black pore "ripe" and come out. I will squeeze it like how I do always if I knew this's gonna happened. Teach me how to cure leh, haiyo. The dark circle, biasalah, the auditor during peak seasons mahhhh ><

Anyway, I'm now consider off from peak already though not fully free yet. Just got the time to go for a haircut and had a nice self shoot photo with my internship formal outfit. Ya, in the car =.=

This month I celebrated my sister & boyfi's birthday and you know what, their birthday fall on the same date hahaha. It is my pleasure and blessing to have my family & baby with me throughout the life of ups and downs.

Not to forget, the D.I.Y lollipop flower I made recently. For the first time. 

For your concern, I am quite a high demand girl, only in some particular things I DID. Most of the time I accept the things people made for me with a grateful heart. However for a professional thing, sorry that I have a certain acceptable level. So honestly, I'm not satisfy with this outcome. There's still an improvement space for me. Do you think I can? :)