Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih or No?

If you angry me now or you hate me now, I advice you not to continue reading. It's better for you to close this window to prevent from hating me more.

I don't know what kind of feeling to have at first but now I know I am very angry yet sad looking at the never ending news about Bersih. The reason of my anger & sadness isn't about the spirit of Bersih citizens, but because of our country police. Why?

From 988 DJ Lee Xin Yi
像電影一樣,一顆拖著常常煙霧尾巴的催淚彈從天而降,我們望著天空,來不及失望,因為其實我們已經準備離開。耳邊聽見"跑啊!"。Mask on 濕毛巾都阻止不了煙霧,跑得越快,呼吸越急促,卻吸入越多的煙霧,大家一起哭了。跑不及,躲進一間旅館,老闆義氣相挺,大家不分你我拿出鹽和水互相照顧著。我看著一雙雙通紅的眼睛,心卻是灰的。我和同伴靜了下來,看著一則則的新聞,關於隨後發生的事,撞傷人、槍擊。說好的,和平請願呢?情緒從來沒有這麼複雜過,失業失戀也不及的一種失望。我今晚,要寫歌。

From a friend of mine
第一次被催泪弹烟雾袭击的感觉,真的不好受。在撤退的当儿,感恩一位马来朋友递了盐让我解困,加上身边朋友的协助。没想到这窝囊的政府真的他妈的!都散了还不停向手无寸铁的人民扫射烟雾弹和水!流着泪的当儿,心里说:"他妈的!大选的时候你就知道味道!"It feel bad when experiencing the tear gas. Thank goodness that a malay friend give me the salt and friend's help to ease suffering. The police using the rakyat money to bring us tear!! The people already dispersed and yet you throw tear gas and shoot water to the crowd?!!!! What the fuck ! Once again witnessing how our fucking police treated the rakyat!!!! Fuck you!

From a friend of mine, too.
刚刚从Bersih回来 , 结论是:看到警察根本就是野兽。由于我为了拍摄长时间走在第一排(对,我前面就是警察了), 看到很多野兽行为。我看见一个法国记者跌倒时候,如何被10+警察用脚当 Penalty kick;我看见一个60岁ah伯在我旁边被烟弹Headshot 到满头血;我看到一个刚巧穿黄外套motor经过的女生,被警方停下然后非礼他全身(20++手);我看到一个auntiy 退后跌倒时被人踩到像Rojak。但感谢神,我看到很多有执照的记者被摔相机,被打,但我竟然可以好像透明的从Anjing的身边走出来 最少5次。原来,神从来没有离开我。

Why? Aren't police suppose to protect country and CITIZENS as well? Why turned out to be the other way round? Why behave like an animal? No, not "an", but "like animals". You not only push and kick licensed reporter of a newspaper, but you also confiscate his camera & licence. Polis yang dihormati, people are just carrying their duties, that is to report so that we citizens can update ourselves about the event. Is there a need for you to spoil their assets? You compensate now??? You hit public using police car, ended up killing a guy. You throw tear gas and shoot water to the crowd, it might invisibly cause death.  It's like murdering! You may say I 看图说故事???So what now!!! I don't think pictures & videos can lie. Or you want to tell me angles problem again? You kidding. If not then you must be forever not waking, still mimpi, still in the Alice Wonderland! Or you prefer sleeping beauty? 

I actually don't care much about politics and I don't show to people what is running on my mind but personally this time I belong to the side of Bersih. Definitely. Should I say all this while, not just this time. Some of you might think it's useless or unnecessary to have such gathering, but my intention of supporting are merely wishing to have a clean election & as clearly as the word "Bersih" it is standing for, no corruption!!!

Scold me stupid? Carry on, scold whatever you like. The longer I write the angrier I get because my personal problem sets in now. I don't understand your situation yes I don't understand!!!!!!! Wah I sibeh hate today CAN!!!

*Mind controlling* Though I didn't go for the Bersih gathering but I do what I can. I purposely wear yellow shirt today attending the morning activity, i.e. Wall of A Famosa hunting (whatever title, I named this). Shamed to be a Malaccan because I don't know well about the history or factual behind. Thanks to the organiser & Laoda for encouraging & inviting me to join. Thank you also, to dear for his companion.

Research on our ruined fortress of Malacca early in the morning.

Wondering, finding, stepping, touching on the wall. Or stone??

Very hot, nearly afternoon. We were exhausted. Bersih wasn't hot in Malacca yet! ;P

We took a short rest. Ya, I know I look pale. 

Okla, don't want to talk already. End with a group photo.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Chocolate

I crave for and actually consumed quite much of chocolate recently hhah.. Small one. No worry, a colleague told me that her sister who is now studying about food says that chocolate would not cause one to be fat, so just MAKAN! ;D 

Japan launched a series of Solar System chocolate on this year Valentine's Day ler! Wah I'm gonna be crazy. 

Forget about it, too far. Buy me chocolate! Any. Janji chocolate XD

Saturday, April 14, 2012

UTEM Spring Fest

Just an update about the spring festival of UTEM I attended last friday. I went late but left early. The reason has got nothing to do with the show.

24 season drums as the opening. 

相声…… Hmm it was okay. I prefer the one of GBS charity night's (laugh die me) which was at the next day lolol.

The "er hu" instrument. He 1st played a song of jay chou. About what song is that, I've forgotten because I don't pay notice on Jay Chou. Another song is Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". Note: Lady Gaga isn't my attention too anyway.

1 Malaysia dance. Haha I wish I could dance too whenever I see people dancing on the stage. I like to dance also OK! Just that no chance only mah XD

Face changing. The one on the left is a girl.

Chinese orchestra. I wasn't paying attention on this at all frankly speaking > <

Acrobatics performance by the kids & teenagers from China. I am very ganjiong!! I scare he falls.

Lion dance. What about this? Ganjing too? I don't know lah because I missed this lol.

Overall not a bad one =)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


……gozaimasu! Sorry, it's afternoon and nearly evening now zzz Mina sang konichiwa (大家好)! My blog is almost dead too and that's the first time ever since my blog is activated back in year 2008. Wah 4 years of piah-miah blogging I also tired hahaha (which is the cause of my laziness, NOW).

Nolah very busy ler. Not internship but..... Like I always so mysterious so don't kepo lol.

All in all that was a very rush outing WHY? > <

We first had our lunch at Wong Kok. Frankly speaking I still not so prefer the foods served by them. First, big plate and you know my size? Trololol. Second, the mee is like the real plain pure mee, no taste. Eat more can die. Hahah nola I don't know ler haiyo. Sorry Wong Kok > < You should glad that I still finish your food because I don't like to waste food Aha! My eating speed is always fast & furious ^^

Next was this movie! Quite a good movie BECAUSE it made me cry 2 times hahhahha.. Good values anyway. "CAN YOU DON'T SPEAK A PURE ENGLISH?" Sibeh zhuai the last kid XD

=.= I want to watch Titanic 3D with him la. Not him I don't want to watch already zzz.

Our teatime before going back. Nice environment ain't it? To my surprise, the shop was undergoing modify and it is weli weli high class now ;P First thing I tak sabar sabar want to do right after entering their shop is to go their washroom hahaha (still not manage to go in the end -_____-).

Praline Love cake. So lovely! Yes Nadeje because birthday girl never eat before. Anyway, that's a hazelnut cake. The back one is the Malacca cake. I still!! like the original flavour one blek.

Samsung smart phone not bad what (Not mine lah). My camera spoilt. Next time use dear's DSLR hehe. 

Babe Ho : Guess you feel better now. Though I don't comfort you much but still I am not abandoning you k? I still think how have you been when I'm at the next event. When something goes to the worst condition, it means the good part is coming. You will obtain it someday I know. 皇天不负苦心人!