Saturday, April 14, 2012

UTEM Spring Fest

Just an update about the spring festival of UTEM I attended last friday. I went late but left early. The reason has got nothing to do with the show.

24 season drums as the opening. 

相声…… Hmm it was okay. I prefer the one of GBS charity night's (laugh die me) which was at the next day lolol.

The "er hu" instrument. He 1st played a song of jay chou. About what song is that, I've forgotten because I don't pay notice on Jay Chou. Another song is Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". Note: Lady Gaga isn't my attention too anyway.

1 Malaysia dance. Haha I wish I could dance too whenever I see people dancing on the stage. I like to dance also OK! Just that no chance only mah XD

Face changing. The one on the left is a girl.

Chinese orchestra. I wasn't paying attention on this at all frankly speaking > <

Acrobatics performance by the kids & teenagers from China. I am very ganjiong!! I scare he falls.

Lion dance. What about this? Ganjing too? I don't know lah because I missed this lol.

Overall not a bad one =)

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