Sunday, April 8, 2012


……gozaimasu! Sorry, it's afternoon and nearly evening now zzz Mina sang konichiwa (大家好)! My blog is almost dead too and that's the first time ever since my blog is activated back in year 2008. Wah 4 years of piah-miah blogging I also tired hahaha (which is the cause of my laziness, NOW).

Nolah very busy ler. Not internship but..... Like I always so mysterious so don't kepo lol.

All in all that was a very rush outing WHY? > <

We first had our lunch at Wong Kok. Frankly speaking I still not so prefer the foods served by them. First, big plate and you know my size? Trololol. Second, the mee is like the real plain pure mee, no taste. Eat more can die. Hahah nola I don't know ler haiyo. Sorry Wong Kok > < You should glad that I still finish your food because I don't like to waste food Aha! My eating speed is always fast & furious ^^

Next was this movie! Quite a good movie BECAUSE it made me cry 2 times hahhahha.. Good values anyway. "CAN YOU DON'T SPEAK A PURE ENGLISH?" Sibeh zhuai the last kid XD

=.= I want to watch Titanic 3D with him la. Not him I don't want to watch already zzz.

Our teatime before going back. Nice environment ain't it? To my surprise, the shop was undergoing modify and it is weli weli high class now ;P First thing I tak sabar sabar want to do right after entering their shop is to go their washroom hahaha (still not manage to go in the end -_____-).

Praline Love cake. So lovely! Yes Nadeje because birthday girl never eat before. Anyway, that's a hazelnut cake. The back one is the Malacca cake. I still!! like the original flavour one blek.

Samsung smart phone not bad what (Not mine lah). My camera spoilt. Next time use dear's DSLR hehe. 

Babe Ho : Guess you feel better now. Though I don't comfort you much but still I am not abandoning you k? I still think how have you been when I'm at the next event. When something goes to the worst condition, it means the good part is coming. You will obtain it someday I know. 皇天不负苦心人!


Mr Lonely said...

hen nice lor the cake..=D

jilliancat said...

Ahhh don't go Wongkok and order mee! It taste terrible. They are famous for their cheese baked rice so I only stick to that every single time, with "Portugese sauce"!

QIN said...

Yes their cheese baked rice not bad! Haha I have that plan too (next time only order that). Never want to order mee anymore, that day I finished it samfu-ly >< Portuguese sauce? What kind of taste is that?

QIN said...

Which cake? Haha. Yea nice nice but cannot eat too much, will be jelak.

Jeannie said...

To be honest, I thk wongkok's food nt very nice 2. The only part I like abt wk is u can get a a big glass of brink on bday. XD

QIN said...

A jug of milk tea! Lol.

jacelyn said...

to my beloved qin babe..i am nid much of comfort or encouragement..but just a simple question is enuf..i am simple but completed people..sumtimes no nid too much of those words but jus staying with me is enuf for me~so kamshahamida~~