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Do You Understand Me Well? No, You Don't.

人心险恶,I am having this kind of feeling. This minute some monsters treat you very very gooooood but another minute hohoho, congratulations. Hypocrite lies in every corner and you won't know until the day when you realize, psstttkkk, wound…… S.C.A.R~

Demonstrate for you :

I found a quote at Josheen Ma's blog and I like that quite much. "Not everyone deserves my kindness, don't let them mistake your kindness as weakness." I shall keep on telling myself about this.

I am the one who cares so much about appreciation and because of this, I emo the whole night.

You happy?!! Slap uuuuu... Someone taught me to let go those who do not appreciate and he asked me, is the appreciation really means so much to you?

It tears me when I found out that my work especially when I put in some period of time to do or even myself isn't being appreciated. Why? I don't deserve? I wouldn't want to be good to those who do not care anymore. You don't? Your business, back off.

Kinda touched when I see this : Have a smile! It's nothing! Our society will support you always despite how many troubles/problems/worries you have!!!!

Aunty Ho told me, Ui say you ar Aunty Jacelyn XD "Contentment is the most important". I dare to say that I am easily contented. Okok maybe you think I am not but come on, my demand is really easy to be fulfilled. It is as easy as ABC! ==But why, people just seem hard to work on it.

Don't you think that I am a very kind and obedient girl YOU ARE WRONG!!! I have complains time too. Everything I do or should I say for most of the things I do, it must have a reason behind. Why do I want to think for others always? Naweh people just don't care or just smash my glass heart! Too bad, should I stop my good-good attitude and ignore other's feelings? Hence, I don't think anyone understands me enough as the reason behind the effort is still not known, maybe one or two of my best friends do. “To understand, dispute less, don't care, extinguish trouble, I haven't digest this yet. The more I hope, the more I disappoint. Simple, end it then!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Get Closer Look to the 《Step of the Buddha》Night Show

Kon'nichiwa! *shy* Haha.. Opps not updating for more than 1 week already. People, my week is filled with few midterm papers! I still have one more paper with me however but that one is alright as I am having weekend time to study at least :)

Come back come back~! Let me bring you to have a closer look on my event happened two weeks ago. One more or maybe more than one photographers' albums I don't want to wait already because I have no patient to wait and I die die want to show a news faster here (I know I am very late because I wait for the photos mah!) zzz (Some more midterm! No time to blog) haha..

Chang chang chang CHANG!!!!!!! Our event reported on a news at Taiwan! Yoohooo~

Smile wide wideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

Picture pictures! ^^

The displayed Buddha. Cantik hoh!! =D
Besides this suci white, I kinda like the jade's too!
Not the pure green lar, some sort like very light dim green.

合掌 / 合十
What you call in English?
Everybody was singing Buddhism theme song sincerely (三宝歌)

Performance by MMU Wah Lok 华乐
Sorry, they are not part of the CLS (Chinese Language Society).
They are independent group, please correct about that in your mind :)

24 Season Drums by MMU CLS.
Believe me, they are great! Undeniable fast, accurate, uniform...
and yeng! Awesome ;D Bow to them~ Arigato!

Drama start! Shann Tuiiiiiii, ini sangat cantikkkkkkk ^^

1st performance : 《Buddha Nirvana》

2nd performance : 《Temple Day Life》

People are very happy le! Good good good. Ada banyak bagus ;D

3rd performance : 《3 Goods Dance》
See the cosplays!!! Yellow colour one very nice why didn't focus? @@
Oh cannot, later tio catch, kena tangkap, because of... Bersih -_____-
Nolaaaa joking. It is simply out of the screen. Very cute eh that one LOL face de =D

Ven. Ru Yin is giving little speech and then sing with emcee!!
Bery bery good sing, clap clap =D

Mission achieved! Activity succeeded! Joyous time!! Yuuuvoooooo!!! ^^

Last but not least, a picture of photographer of the day!
Lots of thank you for the photographers of the night..
【Mr.Arthur Hew, Mr.Eng Jun, Mr.Timothy Tiong】
& others whom I do not know the face and name xD
Terima kasih!
We appreciate ^^

p/s : Why I make the image bigger by changing the pixel,
they become blurry at the end?
How le? Teach me! Help~

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blogger Award 2011

1. Say thank you to someone who give you this award
2. Write about someone who give you this award
3. Write about yourself
4. Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends

1. Why do you think this award be given to me? Because Jillian says I am a blogger who shares honest thoughts trolololll thank you very much ;) Ohhoo am I?

2. She ah.. Oh well I want to talk this from the beginning. It was our silly "relationship" with a guy (not the girl-boy relationship nor triangle relationship) then we get to know each other. In fact, we are more to friend than the "god-relationship", this doesn't work on us as we don't like this kinda thing. Hell that stupid guy cheated on me and I being the kind one forgave everything but who knows for the God sake, he framed me seriously severely after one year when his thing had got nothing to do with me so did mine. Whatever. I am no longer friend with him and treating him as stranger. Opps, not even stranger, should be transparent ghost. I am not that stingy if you know me personally and I won't do that to the one I have known except to that bastard so you should be able to guess how excessive he was. Extremely. I do not know whether Jillian knows this matter and maybe she had listened to one-side-story or she is, and if you are still keeping contact with him, don't mix up me and him yea! I know you are a mature girl who knows to differentiate ^^ We don't meet before and I hope we could have the chance before she departs to UK. Possible? Haha.. Maybe can ask Jeannie out together too! Straight kill two birds :P

3. I am Lee Pei Kin, not Lee Pei Qin!!! I put Pei Qin because it is pronounced in Chinese pinyin. I prefer people to call me Pei Qin rather than Pei Kin, and my "Qin" is (Qín) not 苓 (Líng) or 岑 (Cén) or the common 琴 (Qín). Please open your eyes big big. And my surname is the special not 李 OK though in english it is "Lee". Long story, don't intend to tell here why. No offence to 琴 and 李 anyway. So pandai pandai kamu lain kali hhhahaha.. I am a girl who looks fierce but inside seriously "hoh-liao"! xD Hoooorrrrr dear? ;P Joking. Not use to describe more, know me is to read through my english and mandarin blog that's all I could say. The sentence before this is not applicable to my Mr.Goh & my close friends. Understand? Must state out clearly ^^

4. Don't want to give lar because I think people won't bother to do it or actually hoping so much they won't see their names in the list haha. Nahh let me clarify a bit. They want to see their names should this be because if their names are inside, this indicates that they are someone important or having a certain status in someone's mind or heart. Next, they are happy! Happy what? Happy that eventually they spot their names. Happy finish? Lazy to do. Hhahha.. Bukan? Ok la give then give, I am obey-rule-type girl. Not always, but often. Want to do it or not, anyhow :) Shui bian.

Yi Shien - Share in your secret place and I will be very happy to see if you do hhhahha..
Chi Shen - The analyzer, long story blog but nice to read
Jasmine Goh - The girl who changes a lot from shy to dai-fong!
Zhi Yee - The all time good observant
Chee Czi - Almost no weakness alien xD
Yin Chiu - The tiny girl. Eat fat fat please! Hhah..
Jay Yap - Pessimistic. Be more optimism lar, takda benda nak update rite? Nah here's for you.
Elynn Suah - I know you hate this, haha but now very free what you. Homework ;P Hehhe..
Wei Shan - Cute girl! Hhaha can't find reason to dislike you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sudden Invitation to Beach

Don't give or ask me something last minute, believe me I won't give you a damn but this is exceptional hahh.. Just a phone call, ON immediately because transport provided and will be back after 1 hour mah hhhaa nola it is mainly because I can get back home on time like how I planned so.. JALAN! Special right will be given to my love too! ^^

Some more, ex president, must give face ;) Takda laaa we are one family, I will try to present myself. The present here means "appear" not "gift", ok!

Not bad la actually this photo, "mai-hiam". Terima kasih abang!

This will be treat for guys if they celebrate birthday with BS group at beach! xD
Note : This isn't the first time, hhahha.. Luckily, I am girl!!

Ah! @@ Seriously 鸡皮疙瘩~
Don't be like that can or not? Very gay eh hhah...

With girls. Here the chance, simply choose one!
But sorry, I am not available xD

You must be wondering what am I laughing @@
Look at the legs of them! They have to do that in order to "pui hap" me xD
Hhaha because I... Nicely speaking, I have a cute height! ;P

New era Nirvana! Ha...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

《Step of the Buddha》Night Show 《佛光下的脚印》文艺晚会

Ah "Blogger Award" ! Haven't do yet @@ I am back finally! I had been busy for the 《Step of the Buddha》event, kinda tiring but it worth for the result :D Any celebration dinner? Hhhahah I am exciting, *If and only if...without.....* Haha... What? I didn't say anything ^^

*Click at the photos to enlarge for the clearer images yea!

Design Division designed the background with the help of volunteers to complete the work

Data Management Division worked for the exhibition while Special Task Division made the props required..
Look at the wishing tree! Created by us and it will be sent to Dong Zen Temple for blessing.
So many wishes from students! Guess how many had I written & pasted? Hhah ;P
That is just part of the wishes, not the final image yet :)

Our exhibition in the MMU Melaka Campus!!
We showed public the instruments, we sold handicrafts, we had scripture copy session, and etc..

To our surprise, we actually received better response from what we expected.
Happy for that!

Before copying scripture, must wash hands!
Sit properly & stay calm :)

Finish! 心经~

Besides busy for the exhibition and night show, in the mean while, we needed to share lesson with the students of Buddhist Society from secondary school.

We headed to full our empty stomach right after the sharing and then rushed back to school practising for our coming night show!

3-Goods-Dancing part! Practising..
Yea I was inside hhhaha you know about it, if you attended last friday.

Friday, 8th July 2011
Opening ceremony.. Whose idea to buy the colour shot?
Scattered everywhere after using.. Ask you to sweep! xD

We invited our school CLS (Chinese Language Society) 24 Season Drums to have a performance too. An awesome one, salute them. Glad that they stayed until the end of the show and gave us good response, big thank you seriously!! :D

Our main show of the night! 《Buddha Nirvana》/《佛陀涅槃》
To simplify, it is actually the stage of dying.
I do not know how to explain using English Buddhism term, dying seems not suitable to be applied.
As long as you understand, we called it Nirvana.

Part of the 《Temple Day Life》

I wonder how come no one took the photos of 《3-Goods-Dance》except Shann Tui, so I couldn't find a proper picture of it.
Why? Am I really that ugly to be appeared on the screen? Sad case.
Opps, I am actually saying that Shann Tui's photo is not the proper one, my head is going to be chopped down @@
Nola, the red colour doll shaky mah and what I am finding is the picture of few dancers dancing together :) And our main characters are the 3 Good Dolls eh, kenapa tidak ada mereka punya gambar?????
I am finding! I wish to see in the album of the photographers of that night soon ^^ Xie xie Shann Tui, at least still having one right now :D

At the end of the show, perfectly ended!

Do good deeds, Speak good words, Think good thoughts.