Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ah How Eh? o(>﹏<)o

Highly despair. Stress enough can?

Please! Just hope people to be more initiative and alert.

Thinking back the miserable day at the same place 4 years ago, I couldn't accept failure anymore this time.

Super duper double triple very tremendously touch wood. Yea touch wood for the bad thought!

I am responsible for it and I want the quality outcome as planned.

Self believing is not enough, planning, cooperation and alert attitude are really important.

Please........ Give me your hand, I am having scarcity ~~o(>_<)o ~~

Let me postpone the "Blogger Award 2011" tag then.

Mentally tired which makes me can't whirl my brain. Don't disturb me this week because I easily get frustrated when I am busy like hell and if someone pops out from nowhere keeps interrupting me, trust me you will get scolded by me! XD

Serious case then straight slap. Hhhhaha. Nola not that bad ==

Below are the pictures taken on last month's NS Camp sharing.

Don't know what he was pointing. I put this up because I feel funny of the pose xD

See!! People were enjoying ;)

Lastly, a group photo. Find me! ;D


Mr Lonely said...

was here.. =D

QIN said...

You are welcome! :)