Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blogger Award 2011

1. Say thank you to someone who give you this award
2. Write about someone who give you this award
3. Write about yourself
4. Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends

1. Why do you think this award be given to me? Because Jillian says I am a blogger who shares honest thoughts trolololll thank you very much ;) Ohhoo am I?

2. She ah.. Oh well I want to talk this from the beginning. It was our silly "relationship" with a guy (not the girl-boy relationship nor triangle relationship) then we get to know each other. In fact, we are more to friend than the "god-relationship", this doesn't work on us as we don't like this kinda thing. Hell that stupid guy cheated on me and I being the kind one forgave everything but who knows for the God sake, he framed me seriously severely after one year when his thing had got nothing to do with me so did mine. Whatever. I am no longer friend with him and treating him as stranger. Opps, not even stranger, should be transparent ghost. I am not that stingy if you know me personally and I won't do that to the one I have known except to that bastard so you should be able to guess how excessive he was. Extremely. I do not know whether Jillian knows this matter and maybe she had listened to one-side-story or she is, and if you are still keeping contact with him, don't mix up me and him yea! I know you are a mature girl who knows to differentiate ^^ We don't meet before and I hope we could have the chance before she departs to UK. Possible? Haha.. Maybe can ask Jeannie out together too! Straight kill two birds :P

3. I am Lee Pei Kin, not Lee Pei Qin!!! I put Pei Qin because it is pronounced in Chinese pinyin. I prefer people to call me Pei Qin rather than Pei Kin, and my "Qin" is (Qín) not 苓 (Líng) or 岑 (Cén) or the common 琴 (Qín). Please open your eyes big big. And my surname is the special not 李 OK though in english it is "Lee". Long story, don't intend to tell here why. No offence to 琴 and 李 anyway. So pandai pandai kamu lain kali hhhahaha.. I am a girl who looks fierce but inside seriously "hoh-liao"! xD Hoooorrrrr dear? ;P Joking. Not use to describe more, know me is to read through my english and mandarin blog that's all I could say. The sentence before this is not applicable to my Mr.Goh & my close friends. Understand? Must state out clearly ^^

4. Don't want to give lar because I think people won't bother to do it or actually hoping so much they won't see their names in the list haha. Nahh let me clarify a bit. They want to see their names should this be because if their names are inside, this indicates that they are someone important or having a certain status in someone's mind or heart. Next, they are happy! Happy what? Happy that eventually they spot their names. Happy finish? Lazy to do. Hhahha.. Bukan? Ok la give then give, I am obey-rule-type girl. Not always, but often. Want to do it or not, anyhow :) Shui bian.

Yi Shien - Share in your secret place and I will be very happy to see if you do hhhahha..
Chi Shen - The analyzer, long story blog but nice to read
Jasmine Goh - The girl who changes a lot from shy to dai-fong!
Zhi Yee - The all time good observant
Chee Czi - Almost no weakness alien xD
Yin Chiu - The tiny girl. Eat fat fat please! Hhah..
Jay Yap - Pessimistic. Be more optimism lar, takda benda nak update rite? Nah here's for you.
Elynn Suah - I know you hate this, haha but now very free what you. Homework ;P Hehhe..
Wei Shan - Cute girl! Hhaha can't find reason to dislike you.


jilliancat said...

LOL what the hell!!!??!!? After hearing your part of story, it left me in shock .... and still in shock!!! ;_______; Can't believe this happen to you, sayang~

Yeah I will be heading to Melaka one day hopefully I'll be able to meet you and Jeannie!! XD

Mr Lonely said...

xmau.. =P

QIN said...

Jillian: Huh "my part", meaning last time he told you some eh. The case was quite serious but I didn't actually story all. Anyway, history, no point of hating. The conclusion TO ME : Be aware of the people like him and don't give good treatment. 不要自找麻烦……

Mr Lonely: Tak mau apa? I tag you now. Go to do ;) Ha...


whoa. ahahaha. THANK YOU. okok i do tomorrow :D