Saturday, July 23, 2011

Get Closer Look to the 《Step of the Buddha》Night Show

Kon'nichiwa! *shy* Haha.. Opps not updating for more than 1 week already. People, my week is filled with few midterm papers! I still have one more paper with me however but that one is alright as I am having weekend time to study at least :)

Come back come back~! Let me bring you to have a closer look on my event happened two weeks ago. One more or maybe more than one photographers' albums I don't want to wait already because I have no patient to wait and I die die want to show a news faster here (I know I am very late because I wait for the photos mah!) zzz (Some more midterm! No time to blog) haha..

Chang chang chang CHANG!!!!!!! Our event reported on a news at Taiwan! Yoohooo~

Smile wide wideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

Picture pictures! ^^

The displayed Buddha. Cantik hoh!! =D
Besides this suci white, I kinda like the jade's too!
Not the pure green lar, some sort like very light dim green.

合掌 / 合十
What you call in English?
Everybody was singing Buddhism theme song sincerely (三宝歌)

Performance by MMU Wah Lok 华乐
Sorry, they are not part of the CLS (Chinese Language Society).
They are independent group, please correct about that in your mind :)

24 Season Drums by MMU CLS.
Believe me, they are great! Undeniable fast, accurate, uniform...
and yeng! Awesome ;D Bow to them~ Arigato!

Drama start! Shann Tuiiiiiii, ini sangat cantikkkkkkk ^^

1st performance : 《Buddha Nirvana》

2nd performance : 《Temple Day Life》

People are very happy le! Good good good. Ada banyak bagus ;D

3rd performance : 《3 Goods Dance》
See the cosplays!!! Yellow colour one very nice why didn't focus? @@
Oh cannot, later tio catch, kena tangkap, because of... Bersih -_____-
Nolaaaa joking. It is simply out of the screen. Very cute eh that one LOL face de =D

Ven. Ru Yin is giving little speech and then sing with emcee!!
Bery bery good sing, clap clap =D

Mission achieved! Activity succeeded! Joyous time!! Yuuuvoooooo!!! ^^

Last but not least, a picture of photographer of the day!
Lots of thank you for the photographers of the night..
【Mr.Arthur Hew, Mr.Eng Jun, Mr.Timothy Tiong】
& others whom I do not know the face and name xD
Terima kasih!
We appreciate ^^

p/s : Why I make the image bigger by changing the pixel,
they become blurry at the end?
How le? Teach me! Help~

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