Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trip to Redang

I thought that I could have more time during internship period but I realise actually I was wrong. The entertainment time is getting lesser because everyday when I reach home in the evening, not to consider bath & dinner, I have to complete my weekly report just to prevent from forgetting what I had done in the workplace. By the time after I complete my report & talk to him for a while, the 2 pins of the clock are pointing at "12", =.=haih is time to get to the bed.

Today I have little leisure time so I decided to utilize it fully by updating my blog. Regarding the title, I went Redang with CAC team and of course, including my boyfi. I would say that he made me make the right choice, the trip worth my 3 days leave.

We reached Kuala Terengganu at 5+am. While waiting for the boat to Redang Island, we had a rest and breakfast nearby. The cutie xiao-mei-mei with me, hope that I am a good playmate of her :)

One of the snorkelling destinations at Redang, Marine Park. Here, I saw alot of beautiful corals and I even got chance to touch it, all thanks to Mr. Xin Dong. He showed us eel, and also the bubble ring made by himself. If you guys wonder what is bubble ring, let me show you a picture.

Marine Park is a destination that suits well the senior citizens and children because they can stay at ashore or even feed the fish. Of course, we.are.not.senior.citizen LAH. Youngsters or adult can feed fish also ma! Haha.. Wonder why only me with goggle on? Because I cannot wear spectacle and my goggle has the power! To see things clear, I have to wear it though I had not gone to snorkelling yet.

It was evening time, we sat in front of our stay waiting for dinner! Redang is a very good place to relax. Talking about activity there, the thing you can do is just snorkelling, snorkelling and snorkelling. Heyyyyyy it is fun seriously! Even the people who doesn't know to swim like me finds it fun also, thumbs!! Something new to explore.

I help you you help me but one of my colleagues say that we look like "cari kutu -ing" *lol* !

The next day in the morning, before going to different destination to snorkel to see different corals, we had a group photo. Yes! We are ready! ^_^
Haha.. :P

Have a photo before departing! I lookED so fair ! I'm getting so much darker after my internship starts. I am very sad for that, keep on "complaining" to boyfi @@ Any idea how to get fair in short time? Convenience one, don't want leceh-leceh as I am lazy person haha! Orang sudah pendek dah, so cannot get dark.

Our last snorkelling :)Fair right? Haiyooooooo how to get back to this? o(>□<)o Show you a funny picture before I off to sleep.

Do you have any idea what is this picture talking about? Hahaha. The cutie said she is a bulb, hence, she took my boyfi's hp, turned on the torch, be the bulb when we asked for a picture.

Not to forget, thank you so much dear for your companion especially in the water. He knows well I don't know swimming, he stayed with me all time to make sure I am safe, to help me in wearing goggle, to teach me how to snorkel, and not minding how ugly I looked with goggle on haha.. He accompanies me wherever I go around Redang, he holds my hand. Love you! ^^

Friday, March 8, 2013

Only 6 days.....

..... and we are getting so good! A mixture personalities of us, which makes the audit team even more perfect. Now we know, the reason of us being selected. I find it happy working together, "better late than never"! Peak season is hitting, let's make it through and enjoy in the month of celebration later. Fighting! :D

Sunday, March 3, 2013


After working every weekend for 1.5 years, I decided to take myself a rest during my internship period. I realised how enjoy it is for students who are able to do what they like when they do not have part time job with them. Yes! I did quite a lot things these 2 days, so contented I am!

Thinking back the places I visited, I really want to thank dear for giving me the opportunity. Trough him, I have fate with Calanthe Art Cafe & Joe's Design. Then, I have chances to travel with them too.

Before I join the team officially, I was given a place to join the trip. The first place we travel together is Taiping and this is the first sweet photo too I have with him. Then, we went Penang.

We had casual wears for ourselves which made the entire trip a relax one. We will only dress up very nicely next time when we go overseas to travel ^^ Next, we went Langkawi and Sabah.

Then, we had a free stay at Sepang Gold Coast. It is quite a romantic place but for your information, the price is expensive or maybe consider quite okay for you. For the first time we "swim" together. I don't know how to swim but he gave me a hand and kept persuading me that he will stay beside me. He gave me a short briefing but still ! I don't know how to swim hahaha. The main two factors I fear are (i) I cannot breathe and (ii) I can't open my eyes under the water.

One of our plans are to travel wherever we can. There are few places I wish to go. Slow slow =) 
(i) Taiwan

The 九份老街 seems nostalgic. I like this kind of feeling, my partner as well quite like it.

(ii) Macau 

  I want to go Macau even more after seeing the newest episode of Running Man.

(iii) Paris

The romantic capital 浪漫之都 I wish to spend with my lover, only with him. No bulb @@

(iv) England

England, the place that Running Man makes me feel like going too.

Not to forget, Bali !

This is the place we can go in a short period as the flight is quite cheap nowadays and it is the nearest one compared to the others above. In addition, this is the place dear likes it, so why not? ^^

I will be travelling soon with dear and Calanthe team. Stay tune! I hope for a photo that can satisfy me haha..

Friday, March 1, 2013

1st March

Today is the first day of my internship! Early in the morning, without any briefing, experience or teaching, we were asked voluntarily to assist seniors out auditing. Lol? By the way, I was one of another side who stay at office.

First day we, each trainee has got the new laptop oh hoho, stationeries and mechanical equipment. I managed to solve the problem manager gave me! Hahaha which is what I'm proud of today (because today is 1st day ma!). I wasn't feeling really well (my personal problem). In addition, the office is cold, make me feel not comfortable but I spent well the time doing the work at office :)

I'm so gonna end this with my valentine's day post because by writing, I'm thinking of him! YaH ! Makes me very happy ^.^ Just a short one lah because I'm pretty tiring after 11 hours of working.

My Valentine's day isn't very romantic but I would love him to accompany me, that's more than enough! Like I say, his companion is the most romantic thing for me ^____^ I know, one day, he will give me romantic. I know, my man, he will. 

Valentine's day is a good or bad day? Businesses are taking advantages everywhere, the prices are like choping people head off. I will feel heartache if I saw him spending alot. So good gf like me where to find ! Hahaha. Jkjk. 
You see you see he is shy again! :P He doesn't look good recently due to tiredness but for me he still looks hansom!! Me? Anyhow one take.

I still constantly thinking about you in my workplace today. I will stop here because my eyes are closing, good night!