Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 Family Trip

Can't believe that Nuffnang actually called me just after I stepped home from vacation. There is an upcoming event which will be held at Malacca and they are looking for Malacca Nuffnanger to participate. Of course you will get the pay lar. I wish I can join HAHAHA.. Eh? Is there any Nuffnanger of Malacca get the call too? Tell me so that I can have a companion ^^

About the title, looks like a BIG trip but actually it isn't. We walk+play around like we wish and we cook ourselves for every meal so yea, kinda enjoying. Small but MAX FUN.

Steamboat!! :D

The Buddha of Genting Chin Swee Caves Temple

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Haha just a random shot. Oh my dear, hope I won't get poison @@

I am writing this today is to announce that I've deleted some of my posts! Ahha..

Okay not SOME, but a lot. About.. 200+ posts.

I started my blog since year 2006. However, I stop to write after updating few posts due to my horror down-to-MAX english and also because I don't have the passion towards it.

Not showing off kay. Honestly bad. All thanks to my tutor who taught me from scratch.

So yeah, being influenced by friends around me, though not much friends having, I finally came back on May 2009, deleted all the shameless writings. Last time very childish, haha.

Then, I started all over again. As what you can see from my blog title, it was originally set on the first time when I opened this blog. I don't change even until now.

Why I want to delete? The main purpose is to clear off the bad stuff and bad attitudes of mine. Of course including the images that are not qualified to stay here.

Another thing is that, when I looked through the posts I made 2 years ago, most of them are negative. Common on, he doesn't think negatively so same goes to me.

I don't know is anyone out there realizing the changes of mine and I don't care whether people know about it. The greatest influencer is none other than my dearest.

That is why I don't feel to keep the negative things of theirs and the childish talking way of mine. If you could understand what actually I am talking about.

He inspires me a lot a lot. Seriously. Yea I only want to keep your stuff, in the lover aspect lar. Love you!

I hope.. The improvement would still going on :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

N Years Back

My holiday isn't like a holiday, I abhor the coming task. What to do no choice, have to complete it somehow. I will try my best to give you the work you want, just hope people won't be so selfish sometimes. I don't think I will have lotsa topics when we meet.

Looking to the photos stored, because I want to delete below average one badly. I suddenly find myself looking more charming in N years back than NOW. Why eh? Too bad, not a good sign.

Pretending, pandai! Ya mahhh we do moral folio hhhahaha..
My hair was so pretty huh? Why now's like weeds?????

If you can find me. Proud to be the one ;D -___-pfffttt history.

My alma mater's principal.
Cute or not? Hhhhaha.. I mean me, not she.

Wahh super strike when I look at this @@
This angmo cute girl is Siew Kee's cousin. I've forgotten where does she come from.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wesak of 2011

Not gonna wait the photographer of the night anymore I don't like to drag my work. Few are from my camera while the rest I took it from others.

Yea well past Tuesday was Wesak Day so Wesak procession fell on the day before, Monday. This year, my school BS didn't come out a float for some reasons. Therefore, they did a live singing performance instead.

Do you think I will miss the walk? That's impossible! I am a part of the BS so I will definitely join them-de-loooo..

Look at some floats made by secondary schools of Malacca :

A float by SMK : MGSS, NDC, SFI, Tun Tuah, Seri Kota & the night view.

From SMK : ACS, IJC, Tun Tijah & Tinggi Cina.


This is from CHS, front view of the float. I personally like this the most for their creativity!

This is the back view.

Why I say they are creative? The impressive stuffs surrounding the Buddha is actually simply made by plastic cups. Like this..
May your awesome ideas will be sustained =)

My school! BS.. Ui uiiiiii eh eh, don't mess. We aren't secondary school students. This is not categorized under "some floats made by secondary school of Malacca".
Hhahhaha just a Hilux car lar not float. As I mentioned, we did live singing. And also sweets distributing.

Other floats done by variety of Buddhist Clubs or Associations :

From SKE. Always the most spectacular one.

The people :

Not to forget, Tzu Chi contributes too every year. This year, they set their stalls at some fix stations. I saw their volunteers worked very hard with a sincere heart.. 感恩万分!Yea they are systematic! :D

Ah! I participated on one of their programs. Just a small effort, I am willing to contribute to my world ^^

One vegetarian meal per day. Should not be a problem =)

Those are on the Wesak procession whereas the pictures below are the happenings on actual Wesak Day, 17th May 2011 at well known SKE Temple.

There are a lot. I only took these 3 photos.
I mean.. Took from other people, not photographing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


No photos leh, gonna wait for them only can blog about the event. I.....AM.....WAITING.....hwait hwait hwait hwait hwaiting.....

Nothing lar, just a lame video. Haha~ I decide not to continue on the card Vlog already.

Don't tell me I have wasted your precious 0:22 minutes. Nahhhh wana beat me? COME on I have stated it is a lame video.

有些事情就不要.....拆穿!So don't think I am stupid..... Stupid cupid you're a real mean guy~~

Hey hey~~~~~

Q.Hong, faster upload haha, I am the type that couldn't wait for the photos because of my...... BLOG -___- Not that I am impatient.

I always want to train myself to be efficient enough. I don't want people finish seeing the photos then only here, I upload and talk about it. It is like.. effing so sluggish, and outdated.

In the future takkan people finish reporting tax only I do for my clients? Ok this is lebih. All in all, efficient!! This is what I want to see on myself.

So.. Yea! Hey hey~hey!! Faster yea ;D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dan Bdy Clbrtn

Floor plan, production team, stage direction, musical instruments, costume, floor plan, production team, stage direction, musical instruments, costume #%#%#%#%#%.........................zzzzz

Ahhhhhhhhhh *Pop!* Brain explodes -____- retard.

Ignore about that, I almost go crazy. Few days back, a small yet happy birthday celebration was held at a karaoke room. Not much talking, look at pictures.

Preparing to go in! Who are you????? I don't know @@

Cute girl giving her precious kiss! My last year hairstyle!!!!!!!!!!

Whose birthday actually? Lol good helper! Must be a capable girl in the future =)
The rectangle cake is made by chef of Calanthe Cafe. Nice~ Yummmmeh ;D
Nah.. Go go. Haha lol help to promote the cafe?


Happy belated birthday Daniel boss! ;)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day, 2011

The previous post about my comments for the bully case has disappeared. Why? I scare kena attack hhahahhha.. Nola, like not very good I talk all those. Make it as a draft better (I use hours to compose leh you want me to delete just like that ar?), some more I can protect myself before something serious happens. I don't want to implicate the people around me especially my family and my dear. My best friends are included as well.

So.. If you missed my interesting fantastic fabulous comments and detailed details then sorry cik/encik. Who asks you never come to my blog daily? :P

::Again click the images to enlarge::
Within these two days, I have 103 visitors.
Gosh! Today's has reached 52 in only 12 hours and is increasing now~
More 1 person than yesterday @@
Yea one person mah, must particular! Future accountant, stress on accuracy =P
Okay normally I don't get so many visitors in such short time so to me, this amount is already consider MANY!!!!!

This is one of the Nuffnang analysis.
As you can see, the image shown is the keywords detected to my blog for today.
TODAY!!!!! All are about the bully case.
See.. I don't know who has visited my blog. Some registered blogs I know larh.
Those anonymous I don't know mah.
Who knows maybe one day suddenly a person comes to stab me with a knife from behind just only because of the post I made before this (removed).
So.. Hhhahahaha OK-la kiasi (scare to die).

Happy Mother's Day yea! ^^

Sunday, May 1, 2011

God Family

Kai brother, kai sister or whatsoever. Is it a trend to get a god family now? I can't understand. I don't mean to criticize those who already have a god family but.. this?

::Click the images to enlarge::

Simply find and ask a stranger to be their god sister/brother.

Worse, find partner by just asking publicly "who wanna be my gf/bf ?"

What people nowadays treat a relationship as I am wondering? Isn't it suppose to be an amazing thing that make your life more meaningful, etc?

This is funny. "Anyone wants me?" Sounds like seriously nobody wants and sayang her.

And lol? You care so much of your friends' comments until you really go to find a god brother?

I don't know. Yes, you can "kai". I don't say cannot. You "kai" just to make closer the relationship between you and a person or share some benefits like knowledge, experiences and so on then it is ok, nothing wrong.

Actually I spent few minutes to look at the posts and some comments. Most of them find god sister or brother just to sms with them or treat them well?

==??? Err.. Helo? ==Too free eh.

Some more, you don't even love your own family and now finding and asking people that you don't know to love (sayang) you?

Don't terasa. The key word here is STRANGER. Ask stranger to be the god sister/brother/mother/father.

I personally find it meaningless, funny. This is just my point of view. No offence.