Saturday, May 28, 2011


Haha just a random shot. Oh my dear, hope I won't get poison @@

I am writing this today is to announce that I've deleted some of my posts! Ahha..

Okay not SOME, but a lot. About.. 200+ posts.

I started my blog since year 2006. However, I stop to write after updating few posts due to my horror down-to-MAX english and also because I don't have the passion towards it.

Not showing off kay. Honestly bad. All thanks to my tutor who taught me from scratch.

So yeah, being influenced by friends around me, though not much friends having, I finally came back on May 2009, deleted all the shameless writings. Last time very childish, haha.

Then, I started all over again. As what you can see from my blog title, it was originally set on the first time when I opened this blog. I don't change even until now.

Why I want to delete? The main purpose is to clear off the bad stuff and bad attitudes of mine. Of course including the images that are not qualified to stay here.

Another thing is that, when I looked through the posts I made 2 years ago, most of them are negative. Common on, he doesn't think negatively so same goes to me.

I don't know is anyone out there realizing the changes of mine and I don't care whether people know about it. The greatest influencer is none other than my dearest.

That is why I don't feel to keep the negative things of theirs and the childish talking way of mine. If you could understand what actually I am talking about.

He inspires me a lot a lot. Seriously. Yea I only want to keep your stuff, in the lover aspect lar. Love you!

I hope.. The improvement would still going on :)

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