Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 Family Trip

Can't believe that Nuffnang actually called me just after I stepped home from vacation. There is an upcoming event which will be held at Malacca and they are looking for Malacca Nuffnanger to participate. Of course you will get the pay lar. I wish I can join HAHAHA.. Eh? Is there any Nuffnanger of Malacca get the call too? Tell me so that I can have a companion ^^

About the title, looks like a BIG trip but actually it isn't. We walk+play around like we wish and we cook ourselves for every meal so yea, kinda enjoying. Small but MAX FUN.

Steamboat!! :D

The Buddha of Genting Chin Swee Caves Temple


Mr Lonely said...

so good.. envy... T.T

QIN said...

Don't worry, you can have that also =)

jilliancat said...

wah so good can get nuffnang's call. XD

QIN said...

I think Melaka Nuffnangers aren't as many as KL gua so yea, otherwise I don't think I will get the call :)