Wednesday, May 18, 2011


No photos leh, gonna wait for them only can blog about the event. I.....AM.....WAITING.....hwait hwait hwait hwait hwaiting.....

Nothing lar, just a lame video. Haha~ I decide not to continue on the card Vlog already.

Don't tell me I have wasted your precious 0:22 minutes. Nahhhh wana beat me? COME on I have stated it is a lame video.

有些事情就不要.....拆穿!So don't think I am stupid..... Stupid cupid you're a real mean guy~~

Hey hey~~~~~

Q.Hong, faster upload haha, I am the type that couldn't wait for the photos because of my...... BLOG -___- Not that I am impatient.

I always want to train myself to be efficient enough. I don't want people finish seeing the photos then only here, I upload and talk about it. It is like.. effing so sluggish, and outdated.

In the future takkan people finish reporting tax only I do for my clients? Ok this is lebih. All in all, efficient!! This is what I want to see on myself.

So.. Yea! Hey hey~hey!! Faster yea ;D


Serizawa said...

why are you so cute!! i rewatch five times LOL. shit sounds like some bian tai haha.

Mr Lonely said...

wah.... LOL !!! nice video!! you are so cute la.. T.T

QIN said...

Jillian, First first when I watched I was also the same hhhahahaha.. Shhh~~~ xD

Mr.Lonely, Nice video?????? Won't you feel lame when you watch? Hhahha... Apasal put that tearing face ><

Mr Lonely said...

aiks.. put wrong jor... anyways, your cutes is really cute la.. no lie wei! XD

QIN said...

Put wrongly pulak. Hhahha much thanks! ;D