Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wesak of 2011

Not gonna wait the photographer of the night anymore I don't like to drag my work. Few are from my camera while the rest I took it from others.

Yea well past Tuesday was Wesak Day so Wesak procession fell on the day before, Monday. This year, my school BS didn't come out a float for some reasons. Therefore, they did a live singing performance instead.

Do you think I will miss the walk? That's impossible! I am a part of the BS so I will definitely join them-de-loooo..

Look at some floats made by secondary schools of Malacca :

A float by SMK : MGSS, NDC, SFI, Tun Tuah, Seri Kota & the night view.

From SMK : ACS, IJC, Tun Tijah & Tinggi Cina.


This is from CHS, front view of the float. I personally like this the most for their creativity!

This is the back view.

Why I say they are creative? The impressive stuffs surrounding the Buddha is actually simply made by plastic cups. Like this..
May your awesome ideas will be sustained =)

My school! BS.. Ui uiiiiii eh eh, don't mess. We aren't secondary school students. This is not categorized under "some floats made by secondary school of Malacca".
Hhahhaha just a Hilux car lar not float. As I mentioned, we did live singing. And also sweets distributing.

Other floats done by variety of Buddhist Clubs or Associations :

From SKE. Always the most spectacular one.

The people :

Not to forget, Tzu Chi contributes too every year. This year, they set their stalls at some fix stations. I saw their volunteers worked very hard with a sincere heart.. 感恩万分!Yea they are systematic! :D

Ah! I participated on one of their programs. Just a small effort, I am willing to contribute to my world ^^

One vegetarian meal per day. Should not be a problem =)

Those are on the Wesak procession whereas the pictures below are the happenings on actual Wesak Day, 17th May 2011 at well known SKE Temple.

There are a lot. I only took these 3 photos.
I mean.. Took from other people, not photographing.

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