Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Days with Dave

.. is still counting. 

Many people ask us when are we going to marry, and thank you so much for those who see us as a perfect match. However, as for the current plan, our focuses are on the business and career, then only marriage comes next. We are still young to say this now.

Well, to explain how much I love Dave, I don't know where to start. Saying "I Love You" are not enough to express my feelings, let me note down and thank him for all the love and care he'd given to me, for all the moments we shared, which I truly treasured. It is because of this special date a few years back, I have been able to share many other special days with him in my life. Although no material gift can adequately express my appreciation for the kind of boyfriend he has been, the yearly blog post will have to do.

In case if you want to read back, please refer as follows :-
4. And now, this year would be in conversation form :) 

Sometimes, the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.

It was one midnight at Cameron Highlands, the weather was so cool outside :
Me : *pat* Dear..
Dave : (half awake) hmm?
Me : My back head very pain.
Dave : Why? You okay or not?
Me : I don't know why suddenly but, very pain. Here (pointing).
Dave : I think I go down to find panadol for you now.
Me : Where you want to buy from at this hour?
Dave : I don't know where, maybe convenient store, I will find don't worry. (without changing pyjamas, taking wallet, with messy hair, ready to go).
Me : *quickly hold his arm* Dear no need. So late already. I think I may be okay after a while.

He always carry bag for me whenever we go dating because he says heavy :
Me : Come I take, my bag.
Dave : Why?
Me : You carry like that for me you look very ugly eh.
Dave : Care for your bone please I take. Nevermind lah, I don't care others' sights. Their sight wouldn't help me to earn money.
Love is when my condition is more important than his own.

One another night having job mission at Ipoh, I had a serious sick. I hardly slept, walking towards the end of the bedside and leaning, while he, tired of taking care of me the whole day, snoring beside me :
Dave : ZzzZzzZzzzZz
Me : *cough non-stop* 
After 10 minutes..
Dave : *Suddenly woke and shocked* Dear where are you?!!
Me : *silent*
*He panic searching. Immediately he felt relieve after seeing me leaning on the bedside*
Dave : Dear why are you sitting on the floor there?
Me : I feel okay like this.
Dave : Come here, beside me.
For the first time ever, I almost cried the moment he was awoken by shock finding I wasn't sleeping beside him because I felt deeply how he cared so much about me. He sees me at my absolute worst, and he loves me anyways.
Last night at Kinta Riverfront, Ipoh. Sick, terrible right? Imagine how hard he took care of me.

One day when we were going out for only a movie :
Me : Why are you wearing this slipper?
Dave : Watch movie only. Haven't buy a nice one.
Me : Excuse. Boys are always like this, ain't you all?
Dave : Like how?
Me : Tend to be so casual (like, seriously) after having girlfriend.
Dave : Correct! Because we already have the sense of security, so able to focus on the things we want to do.
Me : But!, is only girlfriend, not wife. Girlfriend will fly (flee), I will also fly de worrrrrrr ~( ̄▽ ̄)~
Dave : You wouldn't. I already assume you are going to be my wife, and we (the people we are close with) also assume you are.
When he speaks or does something for me, I can feel so touched, no matter how simple it was, even just a sentence.

I am a musical noobie (in chinese, 音痴), and I don't know swimming :
Me : *singing in the car*
Dave : *driving*
Me : How? How? Got run key mehh????
Dave : Got.
Me : Where got? Where? Same mah same lah I sing the key, don't understand where different.
Dave : (busy explaining to me) Gottttt. I teach you. Come, sing again for me.
Me : Don't want. Eh dear, why is it singing so difficult like swimming?
Dave : You can swim and your head is near to the surface already, don't understand why you still don't want to breath lor?
Me : Cannot go up. Can I give up swimming?
Dave : Cannot. *singing*
Me : (say don't want but still, follow singing, with running-key-tone) =.=
I am always the one who annoys him, but he still wants to spend time being with me. I know I found the right one when he teaches me many things, makes me improve from what I was before along the ways.
Always annoy him in car under save condition (we love life).

Due to the nature of his business, he usually would have meeting with team or clients. One night on the last week of 2013 :
Me : Dear the birthday event you all meeting just now is for 31 Dec 2013?
Dave : Yes, it is the 21st birthday of xxx's sister. Big event. 
Me : o..
Dave : So we need to do a lot of preparations.
Me : o..... Then 你不是和我度过 13 14 的人。
Dave : Of course I am the one to accompany dear for 一生一世 ya, just couldn't be this 13 14  (><)

One day he had a commercial shooting for a hotel and one of the scenes was about a model girl wearing bikini to pose at the pool as required by the hotel authority. I jealous :
Dave : Dear I just finished shooting and got back to hotel. A lot foods provided, very full.
Me : Enjoy until won't find me yesterday. No goodnight also.
Dave : Haha I am not interested on her ya. I got dear already :) We're very tired of doing the shootings, non-stop planning and shooting from first day until today.
Me : Hmph  \ (︶︿︶) /
Dave : And I miss dear a lot these days because whenever I went to beautiful places, I normally accompanied by dear but this time don't have. zzz.
He sees what a mess I can be, how moody I can get, how hard I am to handle, but still wants me in his life.

He is not a romantic person, sometimes quite stiff (木讷) hhahhaha.. BUT he improves a lot I can say especially time management (keep going my dear!) :
During Valentine's Day (12+am) :
Dave : Happy Valentine's Day ya dear :) Tomorrow we go paktoh ok? (means today 14th because after 12am already) 
Me : Wait until my neck long. I thought you forget (〒︿〒)
Dave : Aiyo.. How can I forget? So tomorrow 3pm we go out ya!

During my convocation day :
Dave : *touch & sayang my hair* Dear you are very pretty today.
Me : ~( ̄▽ ̄)~ Really? Thanks dear! HAHA.
The best feeling is when I look at him, and he is already staring. He doesn't give me compliment (except the compliment as an encouragement) out of habit, but he gives me little surprise sometimes to cheer me and let me know how beautiful I am in his eyes.

He says he likes my eyes & hair the most. I always that suey-heng because I like to jeng-gu him (作弄) :
Me : Dear I go to cut hair tomorrow.
Dave : Ok, but don't cut short.
..... Tomorrow ..... (texting)
Me : Dear I cut liao o..
Dave : Har don't scare me. Show me photo.
Me : *purposely tie the hair, make the illusion of short hair, capture and send him*
Dave : Wah real short ar. zzz.
Me : Unhappy? Why? Don't love me anymore?
..... No reply ....
Me : Like that lah. Cut short already then neglect me.
Dave : Haha still love you ya :) I guess dear more cute in short hair. Haha..
Me : 骗你的啦!\(≧▽≦)/ Your beloved long hair is still here \( ̄ω ̄)/
Dave : Haha very pretty (o ^__^ o)
He loves me, for all that I am, all that I have been, and all I am yet to be.

We are going to clean and restructure his room, so there goes to our conversation :
Me : Eh dear, how are you going to repay me?
Dave : Wah repay.. Help you to maintain?
Me : Cannot. You must maintain it.
Dave : Hmm.. Help you to make it dirty.
Me : What? I want alternative C.
Dave : Help you to make your room dirty *grins*
Me : (⊙﹏⊙) 

He is a wedding cinematographer, and I start worrying :
Me : I like your recent work very much but I got one question.
Dave : What is it?
Me : You always shoot nicely for people, but who is the one going to be our videographer when it's our turn?
Dave : Haiya this you don't have to worry, xxx be ours.
Me : Wedding once a lifetime, I don't want to take risk loh.
Dave : I myself shoot.
Me : ( = . = ) you groom, cannot.
Dave : Ok what, nobody does that, I create the trend.
Me : *stare at him with sepet eyes*
This quote best describes him : "A person who irritates you is always the one who loves you very much but hardly express it".

We do have some funny stuff. Like what people says, a couple tends to get alike the longer they are in the relationship. I really have no idea what we are doing or laughing at :

I always love the part of us that we show our pure and true faces (no heavy make up), clear and real characteristics to each other as well as to public. Our days in Bali this year :
We just woke up, having breakfast at our homestay In Da Lodge.
Waiting the Kecak Dance to begin @ Uluwatu Temple

Yes, no one is perfect. Despite of the careless (sometimes) and easygoing personalities he has, he will try all means and at his best to protect me whenever he can. I don't have to say much, the pictures will just do the talkings and prove :

Photography was once his favourite hobby, he used to share with me his thinkings, including some hidden intentions that usually some other photographers would have. To avoid unnecessary hatred, I wouldn't reveal some contents.
Me : Oh? Show girl can earn money? Ok then can I? (of course not going, again just to jeng-gu him)
Dave : You cannot go.
Me : Why? Just stand there can earn money already what HAHA.
Dave : Cannot. Show girl will have to let a lot of people see especially guys, I don't want.

Me : Dear, xxx asked me for portrait photography. Can I?
Dave : Cannot. Unless the photographer is the person you really know and seek for your help for true purpose.
Me : Oh, then I very kesian lurrr no portrait photo.
Dave : You can only have one photographer. That's me. I shoot for you :)

Me : If people (either photographers or models) invite you for the shootings, would you go?
Dave : Why should I? I am not interested.
Me : If the model wears bikini, or if you work with a group of girls, honestly I will jealous loh! (>﹏<) 
Dave : I would never want to go, no purpose, except when it is a real commercial/business.

Yes, the portraits of me that you usually see on my Facebook or my blog, they are all captured by him. I wouldn't say he is the best photographers in the world, but the portraits he captured for me are all highly treasured and I am seriously contented and of course likey! Don't you think nice? HAHA. No edit lah.


On this our anniversary, we may yet to have the wealth we are pursuing, but we do have each other and that is worth more than anything in the world. I know that, no matter what, we'll stay together, through thick and thin. That's what real love and commitment is all about, and that's what I have for you by far.

I am so grateful that you continue to love me too, despite my failures and shortcomings. Thank you for always being there and helping me to be all that I can be. I honestly can't think of how my life would be without you. I know that as the years pass, the love that we share will continue to grow. I look forward to those years when we'll be raising our kids together, building a home, and fulfilling our dreams.

As we flip one more year in the calendar of our relationship, let’s promise each other more love and laughter. The passing years have not diminished my love for you in the least. Instead, my love has only deepened with time. Happy 4th anniversary, my dearest. I love you.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Journey to Bali 2014

** Photo credits to : Christie Chang, Eric Lim, Dave GohDaniel Lim, Antoinette Chia, outsources.

My 2014 annual trip to Bali with the family of Calanthe went pretty smooth as planned, thanks also to our good Bali agent, Madam Made (pronounced as Ma-deh, not the past tense of "make") for helping and providing guidance to us throughout the 5 Days 4 Nights Bali Trip. If you need an agent there like her, do not hesitate to let me know.

Indonesian language is quite similar to Bahasa Malaysia. At there, we call the man (either young elder man or old man) as "bapak" while old lady as "ibu" and young elder lady as "kakak". For example, we call Mr.Ali as "Bapak Ali", or thank you uncle as "terima kasih bapak". Examples of the common language you will hear or use at there are :

          Can - Bisa
          I don't understand - Saya tidak mengerti
          Good afternoon - Selamat siang
          Eat lunch - Makan siang
          Car - Mobil
          Police - Polisi

We first arrived at the Batik factory and later silver jewellery factory. The work of Bali batik has got my attention and curious as it is seriously very fine that the tone is perfectly coloured despite no batik wax is being applied on some areas. We stayed less than 15 minutes in both factories respectively as our main target of the day is to sapu (grab) all the souvenirs HAHA.

Sukawati is the place where you can get the cheapest souvenirs in Bali, provided that if you know to bargain. You must bargain, don't be afraid. The businessmen there have a secret communication within themselves : The colour of plastic bag determines what kind of customer are you. 

If you are given black+white plastic bag, congratulation you're being "chopped". So when you go to other stalls and they see the black+white plastic bag, they will offer you at high price to "chop" you again. If you receive such plastic, clever bit put inside your bag lah! Other colour plastic is okay, it means you know to bargain and they think you might know the price no-play-play haha.
Hello do you want Bali owls? Kindly drop by Joe's Design & Calanthe Art Cafe @ Jonker Street for variety of owls.
Hello do you want Bali owls? Kindly drop by Joe's Design & Calanthe Art Cafe @ Jonker Street for variety of owls.
Hello do you want Bali owls? Kindly drop by Joe's Design & Calanthe Art Cafe @ Jonker Street for variety of owls.
Hello do you want Bali owls? Kindly drop by Joe's Design & Calanthe Art Cafe @ Jonker Street for variety of owls.

The In Da Lodge, our homestay throughout the trip is located at the Ubud area. It is operated by a foreign couple and can only accommodate total maximum of 32 persons, which means we "pao" (包, reserve) the whole villa haha. You may consider In Da Lodge when you visit Bali as it has a very good environment with low rate per night. I'm not sure what's the rate per night but we got RM35 per night (inclusive breakfast) for each person as we come in a big group. The room photos at their website may not attractive to you, but they are all clean and tidy.

Ubud area is quite a good and convenient place to stay as you can travel around with a rented motorbike (Rp50,000 per day, approximately RM20). Most of the people there ride motorbike more than driving car. In Ubud area, you don't have to wear helmet while riding. Yes YOU DON'T HAVE TO! The polisi  wouldn't catch and summon you ;) 2nd time reminder : Only within Ubud area itself. Trust me, it is very very fun to loiter around Ubud with no helmet on haha. However, you have to wear helmet if you want to go from one area to another area, for example from Ubud to Tegalalang (Tegalalang is the place having nice padi field scenery [Terasering]. You can go for souvenir hunting along the way from Ubud to Tegalalang). Countless handmade souvenir shops, 卖手工艺品的店比比皆是。
At Bali, you can see women with a basket (either hand-crafted works, foods, etc) on their heads everywhere. Most or 80% of the Balinese are Hindus, while the rest comprise of Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, and others. According to the Bali masseuse of mine, the difference of worshipping between Hindus and Buddhists is that Hindus clasp and pray near their forehead while Buddhists clasp and pray near their chests.

Talking about worship, one of the spots is none other than Besakih Temple, the mother of temple. Temple is consider a holy or sacred place, therefore everybody has to wear sarung regardless you are a girl/boy or you wear long pants if you want to enter the temple. You may rent the sarung nearby or around the temple @ Rp20,000 (approximately RM6) if you do not have any with you. However, you can also bring and wear your own sarung for cost savings purpose. Some temples borrow the sarung for free (perhaps it has been counted in the price of entrance fee???)
Ok I know this is so funny but who cares, everyone wears like this over there haha. He just never fail to be my all-time-guardian :)
For beach lover, Candidasa beach is definitely a right choice for you. Although it is not a main spot in our list of Tour to East Bali but we stopped by there for few minutes to enjoy the awesome views :)
We are given few choices of activities such as cycling (RM100), rafting (RM100), full tour, etc. If you choose cycling, it is the downhill Bali countryside cycling whereby you can enjoy the beautiful scenery view of some tourist attractions along the journey. It is a nice experience yet quite tiring and HOT (apply sunblock lah if you scare dark, like me).

Haha! I go for more adventurous activity — Rafting ! We brought along the GoPro camera to capture the rafting journey and experience. They will give you a plastic bag to put all the valuable goods (eg. money, spectacles, hp) and put inside a safety bag. For me, rafting is not frightening at all, still in my acceptable level (I am a scare-die-person). It is fun when the wave comes. You shall try at least once, but do take care while playing. Try not to go for rafting if it is raining because you might be disallowed to play as the wave is strong (dangerous).
If the rafting activity starts at morning, you will reach your hotel at around 2pm after having lunch (included in the rafting package). We then had our shower, sat on the motorbike, loitered around Ubud again! The sunset especially at the paddy field of Bukit Cinta is so beautiful. Yes, it is a place suitable for couple, like the name itself, so romantic :) Couple or of course, non-couple also can go around with motorbike or walk at there.

Some people might worry that the volcano erupts at the time they visit Bali as Indonesia has the most active volcanoes (127) in the world. However, this can not be an issue because Bali is so big! You may consider to make the Kintamani Mount Batur as one of the spots in your to-go-list. The last eruption of this Kintamani volcano was 1999-2000. The cold temperature there is as half as the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia.

There are few restaurants there for you to fill your stomach. We had our buffet lunch at Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant, a halal restaurant at Kintamani with nice and peaceful environment. Looking out from the windows, one can enjoy the volcano view of Kintamani.

Time for some drinks! "Coffee time is any time"~ For coffee lovers, you must go to OKA Agriculture Bali! Do you know what is the most expensive and rarest coffee in the world? It's Luwak Coffee. Luwak coffee is created when coffee cherries are eaten by the civet cat, passed through the digestive tract, and then excreted, essentially as processed beans. The beans are washed thoroughly, sun-dried, and lightly roasted. We were given a FREE sample to try the available drink : Coconut coffee, Balinese coffee, Ginseng coffee, lemon grass tea, ginger tea, cocoa, and rosella tea

Luwak coffee is the exception, you have to pay Rp50,000 (approximately RM15) for each cup of trying. Yes, small cup (as shown below) because it is the expensive coffee!
"Coffee makes everything better!" It kept us awake from yawning and sleeping in the bus along the journey to Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu) 乌鲁瓦图寺. Please take note that you shall keep a very close grip on all your belongings such as sunglasses (or even your power glasses), watch, hp, necklace or anything you hold on hand and can be easily snatched by the monkeys there. If you have something taken, they usually be induced to exchange it for some fruits with the helps of locals or temple priests @ Rp10,000-50,000 (and not guaranteed you can get back).
The above Uluwatu Lover Cliff  断命崖 / 清人崖 is named after the story of a couple at ancient times jumping down the cliff when they couldn't receive the blessings from the girl's family due to the difference of their status level. Looking down the cliff at Uluwatu, you can enjoy the amazing waves. The beauty of the natural view is not a joke.

The weather was hot that day, I could barely open my eyes while waiting for the Kecak Dance drama to begin.
Kecak Dance is the Balinese dances and music drama. The name "Kecak" comes from the words "cak-cak-cak" shouted by the performers during the show. It does not use any musical instruments, but accompanied by 70 males chorus. The Kecak dance describes about the monkey helping the Prince Rama against evil king Ravana in the Ramayana epic. Entrance fee is about Rp100,000 per person (approximately RM30) and the show starts at 6pm. 
In the midst of watching the Kecak dance drama, you can enjoy the sunset view at Uluwatu in the meanwhile. It is one of the best locations to view sunset in Bali.

Down back from the Uluwatu hill, you can head to enjoy a seafood dinner at Jimbaran beach! Eating seafood on the beach in Jimbaran is one famous visitor's itinerary when coming to Bali. At the same time, you can see the plane taking off and landing as the beach is near to the Ngurah Rai Airport. The combination of atmosphere and good foods make this a memorable and delightful place to spend an evening or night. Just for your information, Jimbaran was the site of a terrorist bombing in 2005.

Do you feel hungry? Yes this is the section you are waiting for! 
Bali Food Recommendation Section
(sorry for those vegetarian people and Muslims for the mention of meat and pork as below)

1. Pork rib @ Naughty Nuri's Warung, Ubud. This places in the highest rank of Bali food recommendation. 100% of my friends who went Bali like the pork rib there. This is the only food in the must-eat-list I missed out as we went to Warung Jangga Ulam to dine with Bapak Dewa. However the pork rib with rice there is superb too!! There's nothing to be sad of, I will eat it (Naughty Nuri's Warung's) the next time I visit Bali.
2. Crispy duck @ Bebek Bengil, Ubud. It is crispy on the outside with plenty of moist duck meat under the skin. For my personal favour, it tastes better than smoked duck.
3. Avocado drink. Avocado drink comes with chocolate syrup. It is a drink that you must try if you go Bali. It is available at most of the restaurants or café, but some do not offer this drink. For me, this drink tastes a bit like kiwi fruit haha. Hard to describe, it differs between man's favour. 
4. Bali fruit tea. It is widely available in Bali @ around Rp5,000 each. It tastes simply fresh, I like it seriously much. You can even get it in a normal food stall.
5. Bebek betutu / ayam betutu. Not only the chicken, but the kangkung vegetables are also very very spicy but the spice just tasted special and nice. If you would like to ask for some chili in Bali, it is "cabai potong" (Indonesia language).
6. Babi guling. Personally I don't hate it, but it doesn't attract me much. However, some people like it! Not harm to give it a try as you wouldn't go Bali often.
7. Sate lilit. This Indonesian satay is made with pork mince and then moulded around sugar cane stick. The satay is normally eaten with cubed rice cake or with a bowl of steamed rice as a main/side dish for lunch, dinner, midnight snack, snack or appetizer in parties or social occasions.
After a nice dinner, you shall not forget to relax at Bali by going to the spa/massage or going to enjoy the live Jazz performance by the Balinese. We had our entice massage (120 minutes @ Rp150,000) at Three Point, Ubud. The massage is relaxing and awesome. This is super cheap (you couldn't get it in Malaysia) and the service offered by them just worth more than the price. If you wish to try spa, mind to know that girl has to take off everything while man will only leave with underpants. It is the same in every spa/massage shop.
Another day before leaving, we enjoy our Ubud night at the Jazz Café. Their high level of performance is like "the sky and the land" as compared to the local style of Malaysia. Haha! Balinese sleeps early, so the normal café would usually close the latest at 11pm, except for bar or maybe the café in city, Kuta?

Before I end my post, please note that one has to reserve Rp150,000 to pay at airport before you're allowed to proceed with the boarding procedure. It is kind like service tax you are compulsory to pay. All in all I had so much fun in Bali ! If you ask me once again to Bali, I would say YES !