Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Big Family

Straight enter to the topic, Happy 80th Birthday to my ahma!! 福如东海 寿比南山 lù lái lù xiào lián :D

My ahma is considering very happiness bahagia 幸福 because she has a lot of us here for her, that's the wish of every elder 子孙满堂!There are 3 families celebrating birthday there. Look at the old uncle, the one looking at us whom his wife is one of the birthday women. He wished my ahma happy birthday and they talked happily! 

I wonder what my mama is doing. Is she "Rocket, Ubah" or "Satu Malaysia" ? Haha!

 Look at my uncle and aunt. Don't you think they are sweet ? Haha.. I can be the same, SURE!! I must believe in him :)

Aren't we big group? Many people actually envy us because we are the biggest and happiest group of family there celebrating birthday. How joyful !

The red kid, my Cambodia niece ^^

My ahma is giving everyone of us an angpow thank you ahma !!

I am contented to have this family.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Ever since I came back from company trip, my daily schedule is none other than working, working, and working. Half dead, so do you think I will sacrifice my sleeping time to update blog? Haha! Is that working life is more stressful than study's? Well, yes but not really. Half half. When I study, I dislike the exam and assignment so much; when I work, my brain wouldn't stop thinking about the work I had even though I reached home. So where's the stress comes from? I don't know, might be invisible stress? (which is kinda harm to me) Hopefully my health can get back normal soon.

Me, smiling with the work I brought back home =.= Yah, I jiu-shi don't want smile good-good can? ;P
I will try not to bring back so often, home is where I suppose to rest !

About the VERY NOT BERSIH election that has just passed, I don't want to comment anything more here or in facebook. I took the initiative to apply as a PACABA, i.e. polling agent & counting agent.

Early in the morning I got the voter list from my leader. Yup, Duyong is the area I'm on duty. Of course not 745 that little lah, my station has 7 saluran, and I'm responsible on 1 saluran only (745 voters). The mineral water is given by PR haha. Cute right! They took good care of us well, they bought us breakfast and lunch, they rotated us so that we could have time to rest before continuing the duty.

My nametag and oath letter. I am keeping it ! :)

Friends, for the coming election. Please take the initiative to to apply as a PACABA because they need a lot of helpers. Reformation is not only depending on the voters, but the polling and counting agent play the important roles as well to make sure that nobody can cheat. They are the key person, they are the one fights for the ballot you vote especially the counting agent. However as the PR does not have enough PACABA, thus the dirty party can cheat easily.

Next election, make sure PR has enough people and be brave to voice out. You have right to speak, DO NOT SCARE OF THEM ! Please, our country needs us seriously.