Monday, March 26, 2012

Lotus Ornament!

Finally I get the crystal beads I want! I have forgotten the actual name you told me paiseh laoda. Kinda sad anyway because I'd searched for it so long until half a year ago, I discovered the beads somewhere then I asked for it. However, the colour I want was not available so I just waited for the seller to contact me.

6 months later????? Still no telephone lephone~ So I went to ask again, the fellow told me she won't be taking the stock anymore zzz. *Why???* Then, what she left are only 10 love-shape-beads (what I need is 18!). And pink colour (not the colours I want).

What to wait? Don't want to wait anymore, I just take it and think how to make it nice.

Lotus in progress haha.

Epic fail, you know? > < I don't have the line anymore *desperate* so I can't open it and make a new one *sien*. Failure is not on the lotus, it is somewhere else! =( Haha but anyway like what I mentioned, nothing is perfect, so I just accept and love it! Everything is special in its own way :D (might amend it if I have the line, if.)

For my current decision, this will be the last masterpiece of my handicrafted works. Won't be doing anything more, the most is just 十字绣!No place in my house for me to hang now! *Self talking "Hang at boyfriend's bedroom lur hhahhaha.."*

P/s : If only my patient is come back haa.. Provided that with more leisure time ;P

Friday, March 16, 2012

Just a random title

Do not think that my life is dull and I am having miserable days. You go to jump sea. Hehe. Though two are leaving for Singapore, we will still hope for a meet again. Not to forget, I am still having this bunch of BS friends. They are my all time support besides my family, love & best friends.

This was the immediate week I returned from Penang. Cry family kept asking me eh you dark eh you dark liao? YESSSSSS but so far still okay, I get back previous fair skin by half now in 3 weeks time. I don't apply any whitening cream, so consider quite fast I guess?

Since I never really show myself for quite some time, I mean near look lah then I show you now lorh hahha because I have my haircut I got the mood! I am finding the hair accessories I want ler.

I don't like long hair zzz I only like middle long length hair. For me, middle hair girl is sexy, not long hair. My thinking, I don't offend you unless you take the place. Alright, just to give an update that I'm still doing fine & good! ^^

Monday, March 12, 2012

When I...

..entered the class early in the morning, why must you tell us how hard is the subject & how are we going to die at the very beginning of the semester?

You said 2 chapters straight today but you bullshit for the first half an hour.

You talked nonsense and storied your workplace, ended up simply teaching and asking us to study home.

Hell, taught by you I feel like dying.

I just don't like you. I DON'T LIKE YOU !!!

Then, if you want to update the slide then don't upload early LAAAAA you know I have to throw all the 10 chapters that I printed earlier? Sibeh dulan.