Friday, July 29, 2011

Do You Understand Me Well? No, You Don't.

人心险恶,I am having this kind of feeling. This minute some monsters treat you very very gooooood but another minute hohoho, congratulations. Hypocrite lies in every corner and you won't know until the day when you realize, psstttkkk, wound…… S.C.A.R~

Demonstrate for you :

I found a quote at Josheen Ma's blog and I like that quite much. "Not everyone deserves my kindness, don't let them mistake your kindness as weakness." I shall keep on telling myself about this.

I am the one who cares so much about appreciation and because of this, I emo the whole night.

You happy?!! Slap uuuuu... Someone taught me to let go those who do not appreciate and he asked me, is the appreciation really means so much to you?

It tears me when I found out that my work especially when I put in some period of time to do or even myself isn't being appreciated. Why? I don't deserve? I wouldn't want to be good to those who do not care anymore. You don't? Your business, back off.

Kinda touched when I see this : Have a smile! It's nothing! Our society will support you always despite how many troubles/problems/worries you have!!!!

Aunty Ho told me, Ui say you ar Aunty Jacelyn XD "Contentment is the most important". I dare to say that I am easily contented. Okok maybe you think I am not but come on, my demand is really easy to be fulfilled. It is as easy as ABC! ==But why, people just seem hard to work on it.

Don't you think that I am a very kind and obedient girl YOU ARE WRONG!!! I have complains time too. Everything I do or should I say for most of the things I do, it must have a reason behind. Why do I want to think for others always? Naweh people just don't care or just smash my glass heart! Too bad, should I stop my good-good attitude and ignore other's feelings? Hence, I don't think anyone understands me enough as the reason behind the effort is still not known, maybe one or two of my best friends do. “To understand, dispute less, don't care, extinguish trouble, I haven't digest this yet. The more I hope, the more I disappoint. Simple, end it then!


Mr Lonely said...

人心险恶~ real life or? >.<

QIN said...

Real life :)

Mr Lonely said...

i see.. >.<