Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Day of the New Brand Year

I have soooooo much things to say but let me just postpone my new year eve happenings because I am waiting for the photos from their committees to be uploaded. Anyway, show you guys a photo where did I spent my day first hehe..

 A villa ! Hwait hwait hwait, next post. Haha.. I don't think I can speak exactly like how I felt already =.=

For the first day of the year, I had 2 parties with me. Both I went alone sweat, boyfie cannot accompany haiya! Happy birthday my friends (only one side photo here) ! May you two stay happiness and have a better year ahead! 

My present is in the front line!!! Hhhahaha *PROUD* the red wrapper :D

Wow! I guess I wore the right colour HAHA..

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