Friday, January 13, 2012

12 · 21

Haiyo. Haiya. So many papers to read but so less time to spend. 偏偏!!So many things to update at this moment, what a good timing ya? New year eve, haha, postpone lagi. Lagi lagi XD 21st years old dǎi sāi so we planned it since 2011 Winter Solstice yet BS leader almost spoilt our plan again & again!! @@ Luckily.. Still managed to give him a surprise 21st birthday! :D

Our original plan was to have the party at Eikyi Musicafe (which is located behind Amigo, Melaka.) because we need the projector provided by them.

But then, just when my sister and I reached there, we'd got informed that nobody reserved upstairs and.....they close it every Monday to Thursday ( ⊙ o ⊙ )啊!We didn't know what else to do but to call the person in charge (director and assistant of this plan).

While waiting for their arrival, I decided to capture the environment hehe (don't waste time, don't waste my camera and don't waste the good views of cafe!) ^^

They have so much of albums! Just don't know why, every song played in the cafe seems to be so soft ! (Maybe due to the good-good environment ya?)

Their Christmas decorations and now it has been changed to this :

CNY !! Just a corner of it here paiseh.

Why are you so cute every time? Qin ai de da jie, your hp, someone's calling you :)

All photos taken here is seriously turned out to be nice! I guess because the brightness is just so nice? We then changed the venue to Station 1 cafe as they can't fulfill our demand at that time.

While waiting for the birthday King, some of us played Uno.
P/s : Photos without flash is terrible like this, some are worse. Haiz sorry XD  > <

So much thanks to Tree (he used flash) XD Hhahaha because he didn't know the rest of the photos were taken without flash. Cantik kan? Lol. I mean the, colour.

12 or 21 ?

 You see you see, can't help much with the photos > < This is the best I can get already. The photo has a lot of noise after brightened, so I added effect on it instead. Another feel, not bad ! Hor?

 What were they laughing for? My video @@ Hhahaha we did a video for him, yea, touch or not? Though just a random not a pro one ;-P

Another one for Faye, the leng lui, ain't? Don't play play, "school flower".

Stop here. Bye!


Mr Lonely said...

the cafe seems nice~

jilliancat said...

You are also leng lui lor why aren't you school flower? too shy d? hahah.

QIN said...

Not "seems", is "is". Haha ;)

QIN said...

Because I'm short and always wear spectacles (Not qualified as school flower) XD Hahhaha.