Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saturday Gathering

Welcome back!! Haha.. Sorry lar sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy almost one month (few more days to go) for not updating my blog haha so rare. Are you still constantly coming here to peep whether or not a new post is up? NO AR? Then never mind la jangan datang anymore XD Kidding anyway, life is busy with SCHOOL and MONEY. By the way, my midterm ended =D More relax already at least can jio me go out haha.

Why cry? What is happening recently? Last Saturday, my relatives who are very close to me had a family gathering. In short, my uncle & aunt & baby & ahma..................... Mayak orang oK? Hahhaha..

Look like AngMo or not? Hello! AngMo kia XD Haha... Photogenic ya? ^^

Happy birthday cake? Not a birthday party OKAY it was merely a family gathering for steamboat! Yummeh!! Hoh liao~ Bah kut teh steamboat lagi haha sorry for muslims & vegetarians. Then, an idea came saying let's celebrate those whose birthday are on December!! Nice or not? This is a homemade birthday cake from my cousin =)

Half of the people. Of course la you won't be able to see me hhahhaa tak moh bagi you tengok. Next post ^^

 Told you he likes birthday cake birthday song whatever that is related to birthday. Really nice one dear! :D

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Haha .. 
Cantik mah, I like this other than the former one then I put a lot of loves lor ^^

I don't need to explain much, you can know how happy & merry the atmosphere was by just looking at my uncle's face. This is a cheese cake and I shall inform you that I like cheese already -________- Being influenced by boyfi. You know, I am the one whose interest will to move towards my love's. Not just interest to add on, but also thinking & etc. Of course, not all, for some I still persist my own's.

Happy birthday in advance all!! The coming activity.......... HURRAY I'm so looking forward I actually cannot wait haha. Not to forget, and also next week's activity ahhhhhhh *walk back and forth* cannot wait cannot wait :D


Mr Lonely said...

i always here geh lor... why u make the baby cry.. joking... XD

Yew said...

nice post!~Family gathering always the best!~2months never back home!~Homesick!~Nvm!~Next month will back!~You don't like cheese before?! Ouch!~cheese is the best not even in cake!~
Take care!

QIN said...

Mr.Lonely, hhaha seriously ar thank you! ;)

Brian, Guys will homesick one meh haha. Aiya next month? Meaning not going back home to celebrate Winter solstick & Christmas lo? At least reunion dinner+CNY can stay with family ^^

Yew said...

guys also will homesick~~~
yes, not going back on Christmas because it is too short time between Christmas and CNY.