Thursday, December 15, 2011

One of the Funny Story of Us!

Life is awesome after every exam hhahaha and my activity is obviously increasing and rising and tambah-ing trollolololll but assignments are here to torture us students and make our lives so suffer, miserable, and complicated. What's the point of doing anyway? I don't like to do assignment and pass year paper that has no answer provided at the end and of course, you won't be seeing me so hardworking to find the solutions unless answers are there XD Hhhahah..

So yea, we celebrate a BS member, Chooi Ting's birthday at Amigo past two days. Friends asked me:"eh, you got bring your camera or not?"

I answered loudly:"You've asked the right person. OF COURSE I bring!!" :D

So after I took my seat, I happily and proudly taking out my camera yeah. Then, I realised something went wrong WHY MY CAMERA IS SO LIGHT?!!!

"OUH!!! I forget to bring my battery =.= hhahhaha"

My sister and me. NO touch up on faces laaa I swear..... Sweat just after this night, my face pops out an acne due to sickness and insufficient sleep. Ah I cannot accept hhahaha who can? I believe every girl would wish that the disaster stays away from her forever don't you?

You must be wondering why am I showing this. There's a story behind. Not a knife, but a lighter. He was actually testing if the lighter is workable and how strong is the fire. Then, as soon as after capturing this, he lighted it up. Pssskkkkkkkkkkkkkkk terbakar!! XD > <

See! Hhhahahahhahahaha I cannot tahan looking at my friend who wears the pink blouse hhhhahhahaha siao sampat and Durian Tan (the guy) what are you doing?! Hhhahahahhaa XD I laugh everytime I look at this. 看一次笑一次! EPIC!! xD

A group photo of us ^^


Mr Lonely said...

how about me?? T.T~~

QIN said...

You are too far away haha happy birthday Mr.Lonely!

Mr Lonely said...