Thursday, August 5, 2010


i have no idea why i feel so tired these few days ==pfftt whatever nobody concerns about it also ahha. eh i didn't know that there is a person who can have exactly same sound as another person who has no blood relationship with him. lol look at it. watch a bit front part can already lar, because behind that is so...... very boring.


lol he eats Stephen Chow's saliva? xD haha..

omg i met a scary guy today!  o(>﹏<)o  the story is like this..

when i was going online at school lab while waiting for my sister, there it came an international student, Nigro guy sitting behind me. i don't mean to criticize Nigro people k but anyway, the fact is there are many people complaining about them!

ok nothing was wrong until i was about to leave the lab. i passed by his place and he looked at me without blinking his eyes O.o?? what happened? am i looking like so alien? surprisingly he said "hi" and gave me an evil smile oh my goodness i feel so absolutely terrified now ;(

he kept staring at me from up to down. seriously he looked at me without turning his eyesight! i felt so stunning and worrying that he would follow me (>﹏<) i fled without further ado! ==don't know what on the earth was he thinking, bad..

of course i told my sister about this. lol i never know she had a worse Nigro case if she didn't tell me. 

sis : the Nigro guy said i am very cute! ==he wanted to touch my face. he even shouted at us and ordered us to go into the same lift. luckily i was with a friend of mine. we were so shock and moved away!!

me : yerrr so scary!!

sis : maybe for them, small size look cute. we are in small size so the conclusion is they think that we are CUTE!!

me : but that guy looks so "bin tai"  (>﹏<)~~~

毛骨悚然  never ever want to stay very near to them already  o(>﹏<)o   "hong bou"..

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