Friday, July 30, 2010



*zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi............*

me : O.o??  electric?

*no more sound*

me : oh cheh..

*zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi............*

me : eh? macam bukan. sounds like an animal is biting.

*walked out*

me : mmy, wake up..

mum : ?

me : i heard a sound under the cupboard. don't know what's that.

mum : where?

me : you wait a while..

mum : takda pun.. *went toilet*

me : ............... (>﹏<)

*zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi............*

me : eh mmy, even louder leh.

mum : got ar?

me : see, you come then no sound d. you sit here for a while to listen lar..

mum : okok.

me : there!!! there!! mouse ah!!!!! run to there already!! under the computer table!! there!!

mum : i saw it runs toward the makeup table liao.

me : behind you!!! run out of the bedroom already!!

mum :  =="xia si"

me : there. run out already. kitchen?

*finding the mouse at kitchen*

me : ada?

mum : takda.

me : i go to living room to find. close bedrooms' door!! later the mouse masuk bedroom then habis (>﹏<)"

mum : dunno where it runs to already. sure it is somewhere in the house.

me : cannot find. very big ah the mouse. as big as my fist.

mum : arh? got that big meh?

dad : *woke from sleeping* find what?

mum : lizard.

me : ????? what lizard?

mum : ah, not lizard. mouse.

bro : what? what is happening?? *he woke after that*

me : nothing la. finding mouse.

bro : mouse. mouse?!!!! where..

mum : cannot find already.

*we still looking for the mouse but to no avail*

me : want to move the cupboard to see what it bit or not?

*moving the cupboard*

mum : aiya. dead lizard la. it bit the dead lizard.

me : see see.. see......

mum : go to tidur la. dunno where is the mouse hidden to. next morning i just see with papa.

luckily i slept late last night. lol was watching the drama i love the most ;P

at climax, must see can't sleep lar!! who knows suddenly a mouse appeared when i was about to sleep after blogging.

mummy, your house is too clean till many small animals love to live at here (>﹏<)!!


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