Friday, May 18, 2012


Every female would have down and emo mood or maybe like one of the wires is broken during some days of each month. I had uncertain moods these few days and I even went sot plug today. Don't know where is the "leopard gallbladder" come from and you know what I told my boss? "I want to treat you as friend instead of an employer" Ohnomann die hard. Siao.

When I was told about the purpose of an action behind, "oh I did that too!". I actually did not have much mood to do the task given to me but somehow work is going on so I still have the complete it. I keep thinking and thinking when I am doing the work. "What I want?" "Where's my direction?" "What do I like actually?" "What have I achieved so far?"

"I don't know." "I don't know again. I've lost my way." "I do not have any interest now, not even the previous'." "I achieve nothing." Shit! (Okay okay, cannot say shit. Cannot say sibeh too. Aunty Koh say de) Conclusion I feel so useless about myself at that moment that's why I went more emo.

I do not have patient to do same kind of work over and over again after some period especially no challenging one. Not that I am arrogant, just that "practice makes perfect" you know? After some time of doing, the work is at my fingertips and if I would to ask to do the same thing for endless time (if), I will lose my patient, my temper will come. P/s cuff is still my most favourite job in production line I realise after all.

I shall attach an example to make it clearer. For instance, after carrying a work for about 2 or 3 months, I start to get bored. I found this while I was on my previous job. Then "why the time is moving like snail?"... Same thing happens now, I try to look for the reason behind and I get one. It is because the work is at my fingertips and I don't seem to use much brain so I need something for my brain to exercise! Is like, how to say... Something that required me to analyse, to calculate so that my brain can twist or as simple as let my brain to think! I don't say when a work is at the fingertips, then it is not important anymore. It is important! At fingertips is good! But urghh... Anyway, I still satisfy with the training given to me by laoda because he knows to measure and modify. 拿捏!

Okay good, I still have a lot to learn and I am ready for that.

Hehe very cute! ^^

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