Sunday, April 24, 2011


After Baby Hoong Ie rotted at houses for months, ohyeeha finally uncle & aunt brought him out gai gai and did some exercises! 4 months to go to be 1 years old~!!

I followed, meaning I need to be his photographer lor what some more @@ Oh yes correcttttttt, you won't be seeing my face in any of the picture ;) I guess nobody wants to see my face also I know you "hmm hei hon" 不稀罕 lol okok fine, eekkk! +___+#

Previously my siblings did not willing to hold the camera whenever someone requested photo taking so I was the one who had to take the seat. So hmm.. This enables me to come close to the photography world. And of course one of the factors is because of him larh. The biggest contribution he made is none other than teaching me the composition of an image. Thank you, BIG BIG!! ^^

Yea though I am not as professional as others and I don't own any DSLR, but I personally like the photos I take (not all lah) :D I do not know to adjust whatever basic setting a DSLR has, not even know to judge whether the white balance is correct or not and the most importantly, I don't know to use Photoshop!!!!! Stupid eh? So for temporary, my Kodak digital camera is far enough for me already. Digital camera still can create miracle and story ^_____^

For designers, every of their designs has the story behind : fabulous story, sweet story, miserable story, painful story, anyhow. In my point of view, what a photographer captures has the stories behind too, they are written on the appearance of an image. So, I am also the same =]

The greatest satisfaction I have throughout the photographing is when I see the people smile happily while viewing the photos I take for them, they are indulged in the joyous atmosphere as well as to myself, I can feel the happiness with the story presented visually. I guess these are what most photographers treasure, that make them to be more enthusiastic and continue their passion on photographing. Yea I know, "just to leave some memories" can be one of the reasons too.

I discover one thing that some of you might not realize. When I view a photo, comparing a photo that has been washed out to a photo that is still in the computer, the former will generate more feeling than the latter does. Anyone agrees? I do not know whether you feel the same way or not but you can have a try if you do have the chance ;)

Aren't you feel that? Ain't you???????? But I feel that! I want to have an album of mine in the future. Inside are those wonderful and clear pictures taken either by dear or me, yeala of course can derive from other person's too. As long as I feel the photos are amazing and gorgeous can already! Wee~~!! ^^

So so long, long gas "Cheong hei" 长气 panjanggggg air~~~XD Last night we went shopping then this morning we brought baby to jog, yeah! Good for health, breath in the fresh air ;D I show few only here, more photos you go to my Facebook profile lar but not now kay. I have an important task tomorrow so wait it finishes first then I will upload as soon as possible. Let's proceed to the photos yea =)



Thank you.


Serizawa said...

Hahahahah you making this post like the baby is yours!! :P

O C said...

I like examining your blogposts. Ohohoho.

Yew said...

So sexy on the slide!~haha!~
nice pictures!

QIN said...

Jillian, Lol almost! Even his FB account also operated by me! And also my sister ;P

OC, I see! Come come haha, to my blog ;D

Bryan, Hhhahaha that picture, purposely make one (not me). So naughty~