Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fatty Foods

Since I am hoping for fatty foods recently so let me talk about this topic then. Not for general knowledge but my personal preferences. I jiǎk-bàh-ehňg-kēh-táo 吃饱没事做 (nothing to do) go searching "top 10 fatty foods" and the result quite surprise me. Yesh yesh I know who also knows to list out the fatty foods larh so are you actually thinking I am the stupid one wasting time go google it? =.=

5 of them are Pizza, Burger, Meat, Chocolate & Ice-cream. I know it is very common you shut up. Lol so rude nowadays? Just a joke, don't take it serious. I won't yell at you like this in the real life ^^

Maybe because of the GOOD marketing lecturer (Mr. Jason Lam) I have now, so what is in my mind is everything about marketing LOL. Finally I know why Marketing students are so relax and enthusiastic already compare to Accounting students. Hell, should I change my course to marketing? "Are you joking?" Yes I am kidding -______-

Look back to the 5 fatty foods I mention above, don't you realize that 3 of them are selling in fast food restaurants? YESSSSSSSSSS Pizza Hut, McDonald & KFC! I forget what marketing topic he was lecturing and he related it with real life examples (He always do! Love him to MAX). Most of the people like to go KFC KFC KFC what celebration also go KFC buy KFC then I asked my buddy :"KFC nice meh? Why so many people like it? Zzz I don't like == I prefer McDonald and Pizza Hut."
Lesson : So don't buy me KFC, you will end up suffering in swallowing all =D

Mr.Lam told us about the management between KFC & McD, the management of McD is better than KFC's. For the full story, please ask me personally if you want to know. I might be sued if there are too many leakages. He:"Ahh Nahhhh still dare to eat or not? Eat larh!" I told my buddy again:"Hhhahahaha luckily I don't like KFC LOL" I laughed -.-I was so bad, and I AM xD Yeah support McD!! And also Pizza Hut..! ;)

The fatty foods I am pursuing are :

Ice-cream! ;D Any ice-cream especially vanilla flavor HOHHhoho..
-___-please.. EXCEPT Baskin Robbins.
You may say I am a weird girl but who cares.
It is so very good what I don't like BR, can save bf's $$$$$ hhahahha =D
Good good……

I only like Cadbury original flavor (pure) chocolate.
This is what I am doing now — eat Cadbury chocolate desperately.
Until sore throat only I willing to stop consuming & drink water geeeeeee~~ ;D Hehe..

Cake! *Creamy cake is excluded because too much creams are disgusting*
Usually people will :"ehhh I don't want"
"I don't want big の, gimme small one!!"
Me? Ohnooo nightmare, the other way round \(≧▽≦)/
I would be happy if you give me cake or the more serious case,
I will volunteer to help to swallow the cake (partial, not all) if no one finishes it.
Of course those not eaten one larh! You thought I am beggar ar simply pick and eat other person's foods ~~~~(>_<)
Again I don't underestimate beggar or I want to show off that I afford to eat whatever I like.
I don't like people to waste food..

I like to eat sweet too.. Those (vanilla is counted too) are included in the list +______+ Gosh, I am the girl who likes to eat unhealthy foods. Though I like to consume fatty foods, but I don't eat oftenly and I eat quite healthily in the real life. I don't eat too sweet and too salty. Even my Milo doesn't contain any milk or sugar, just pure Milo powder LOL. Normally I add in oat to drink together, fantastic! Yea won't tasteless lar, I can still feel the Milo taste =] I shall thank my mum too for the healthy foods she cooks ^^

Why I say I am healthy? Because I think. Hhahha.. My body I know larh! My digest system is so well (I don't need to explain here how well it is) and I don't face constipation unless I don't eat vegetables or drink less water. One more..

See this?
Chinese medicine master says that a healthy person must have this on his/her finger.
The less you have, the worse your body and immune system, then you will feel exhaust easily.
It is the best to have 8-10 on the fingers.
And you know what? I have it on ALL my fingers!!!!! *winks*
Seeeeeee.. I am healthy! ;D

So are you healthy?

Before I end, I would like to share a video recommended to me by my elder sister. Usually I feel lazy to watch if the video is more than 5 minutes but she insisted me to watch so yeah I did. People, watch it. Haha.. I actually cried when I was watching. Whether to watch, up to you.

This film is specially made for parents & is related to the director's own experience. The story is about parents support their children to make dreams come true. No matter what happened, parents will be always waiting for their children, just like the lighthouse lighting for the boats forever.


Yew said...

The chocolate picture reminds me on Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence!!!~Wishes to get a whole cake and eat!~^^

My fingers langsung tak ada that 月牙哦~but I'm not that unhealthy also~haha!

QIN said...

Hahah.. Again, for cake, I don't like Secret Recipe lol. Weird enough? But okla, I still can accept and eat :)
Takda means unhealthy! Haha..