Thursday, April 23, 2009


i was out with mummy and sister. sister was talking about someone in x college while i was driving. the protagonist was a female. she died because of the car accident. suddenly sis said : "aikhhh.. so happy that today i'm still alive" shock for hearing that. all of the sudden i just woke up from what she said. ahh.. all this while, i've been neglecting about this theory. ya, no one knows when will we die. just like the story "lotus eater", it is not our right to plan when to die but to plan how to live. everyday we shoud be thankful that we are still alive. who knows? maybe we will die tomorrow. as what my friend said, live the life to the fullest.

to someone out there, there's something i would like to tell you. do not upset for what your status is. either you are single or in relationship, or maybe married, your responsible is also the same. to carry what you should do and appreciate everything you have now. love is just like a thief. it comes when you dont realise. but when it leaves, you will only realise that how serious for what u've lost. take them as your experiences. do not regret for what u've met. they let you to grow up and to be more open-minded isnt it? instead of living your life with lots of sorrow, why not just live your life happily. who knows how long is your lifespan. i'm not cursing you. i just give an example. later till when you wont be able to do what you want or you afford you just regret, is it all still can be made? when you suffer, the people around you suffer too. dont let the ppl who cares for you to disappoint for what they did didnt work out. even if what they give do not work out, you should let them know their encouragement somehow benefit you too. as what people say, the thing is yours then it is yours, when you are meant not to own something how you work hard the thing at least also wont be yours. it's faith. what you need is time. when the time has come, you will soon meet yours.  DO NOT WORRY =)  yea ok? everything will be fine. live your life to the fullest and thanks God that you are still alive, everyone you love is also alive ^^ jia you!!

due to someone also(different people), i've become worse. my characteristics. is it? or should i selected for ns to give me more training? XD no no no. those goverment ppl who sees this, dont select me to the ns. give the chance to the people who needs ns more =) haa. i'm human. i know and soon will change it to the better one. one more thing. i dun like ppl you straight away set your mind that i'm not understand for what you've said. you are insulting me. dont understand i will say. i'm not kid. you can ask is it i misunderstand or is it i dun understand but not i'm not understand. dont ever say that in front of me. i'd been enduring. not for now already. once you say, i'm not going to explain more. you understand then understand, dont understand then it's your matter not mine. i know you know i'm saying you. by the way i'm not angry. i just tell you to prevent more problems to be occured next time. ya.. i'm now self-examination. everyone has it personalities including me. thanks for what you've told me. i will take it as my references =) and.. sorry for fighting in msn.

thats all for today. wait for my next update haha. yo bye..

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