Monday, February 22, 2010

MY 2010 CNY

hi guys.. haha finally i'm here to update about my 2010 CNY :) i've abandoned my blog sorry lo.. happy now? kaka ==sampat

not much to say, see the photos better ^^

i will divide the photos into 2 groups as they are too much to be uploaded in just a night! let's see the first part now then..


ah boy the neighbour. cute right? yOh people, he is smart in talking mann i tell you :D almost like an adult!

after playing with siblings and that cute kid xD look like i'm just coming out from bathing LOL..


the dunno what it called and the fireworks at 12am of 14th Feb!!

1st Day of CNY

cheng chhhenggg!!~ sure la snap my dearly mekmek first. see, the 1st angpow he got!! not only this ok, more than one he received hehe..

me and my son haha..

my behh Gu.. [uncle] he is cooking vege bihun for us to eat. keh keh one actually hahah!! but he did help his wife la.. [nice one, jia you in the next cooking]

2nd Day


my ahma ^^

the cousin.. biao jie..

the couple. biao ge and his pretty gf.. *that BULB seng mok and disappeared ady haha xD* don't angry ya :P

he doesn't know what is going on behind xD my cousin he is..

my young younger brother!! the guy who is taller than me arghhxxzz :@ haha!

four of us..

we have the same hair!! heh hehh.. i look blur @.@

"nei hou jin kak wanna snap me, ngo dong nga dong dong dong..!!" xD

he is..? buahhahaha.. secret..

3rd Day

*chasing drama* haha..

4th Day

*no photo taken*

5th Day

Melody's open house!! the girl at the centre :)

ahh dunno what is this haha..

me and ms leng lui angeline!! heh heh.. 

we visited our ex class teacher's house..

at ms.LOL house. haha.. my another sister mia house la.

omg i look fat.. haha.. so short lar :(

6th Day

uh?? yes!! i went out with these 4 of my best friends!! went their houses, eat, movie.. tq so much for jaga-ing me the whole journey :) hehe.. 

alar dah.. next photo xD

4 males 1 female? one of them said we are Soda Green!!!!! hahahhaha..

7th Day

*movies at cinema*

8th Day

*update next day ;)*

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