Sunday, March 14, 2010


hmm when i was looking for something, i saw THISSSSSSSSSSSSS in my album.. 

hahaha.. small girl drinks beer? :(  xD xD xD it was during CNY, my aunt's open house.. i am a good girl okay i dont drink beer!!!!!haha.. my uncle laaa... he took for my siblings and asked us to share ╮(╯▽╰)╭ but hor.. the more you consume, the nicer is the beer.. :P

my sister snapped this photo so sudden when i was drinking.. celaka.. haha.. arghxzZ..!

eh people.. do you realise something...?

seeeeeeeeeeeee.......... i'm very cho lo xD

hahahahaha == whatever..

i have many things to say actually.. but am sO LAZY tonight. forgive me..

cheers my friend.. you know who you are.. look around you and feel it sincerely, the world is so beautiful isn't it? :) kah yau :D

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