Thursday, April 1, 2010


if i am afford,

i will buy my daddy a massage armchair;

if i have a lot of money,

i want to buy my mummy a clever and competent maid;

i will pay my elder sister's education fees;

if i am rich,

i want to bring my younger sister to beauty shop to do facial;

i will add some savings into my younger brother's account;

i want to buy my grandmum pretty clothes;

if i am a millionaire,

i will pay my educational fees own self;

i want to go for dancing, handicraft learning and musical instrument learning class;

i will buy myself a car;

i want to give a big, beautiful and comfortable house to my family as a gift;

if i am a billionaire,

i will donate some to the charity every year;

i want to do some investments;

i will sponsor my family, my relatives and my friends to go around the world;

i want to buy a present to every friend of mine;

i will buy anything i wish to have!!

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