Monday, June 18, 2012

Why You No Update???

我實在是沒有東西要說... haha.. I really do not have much thing to share, maybe I have slowly transformed to mystery lol zzz. Not a good phenomena anyway, I hope my group in the lecture (which only made up of 2 persons including me and is always, SAD!) can further expand. WHY YOU NO MIX ME? =( I look very strict meh nola don't be fooled by my appearance :))) Come on, I'm recruiting people :P ;P xP Hahh..

說沒有東西說可是第一段已經說了那麼多!XD Okay I balik balik also BS de lar kan you know. Happy jiu hao ^^ Don't worry I will show my face haha..

Calm and harmony =)
We were singing Buddhism song that all the Buddhist will do before an Buddhism activity starts. I was late! Hehe first time okay! Because I predicted the trend will go on as usual but it started little bit earlier before I stepped into the room. 

Our "diamond tiger" adviser is so sincere ^^ Very cute ler him after he went for no.1 haircut haha.

We had a presentation, composing of activities done, coming activities & some other sharing & talking from the adviser. Game session was what came next.
Is time to test your Mathematics! Of course, those who do not have a complete group or those who cheat will be punished. At the same time, somebody is caught red handed eating secretly under the table!!! WHY YOU NO JIO ME TOGETHER???? xD

This is seriously funny lerh! To you of course not funny because you don't know them. Nothing, just because my humor point is low =.=

I like the effect of this photo. Soften? I am not talking about sepia. Hohoho I slowly pull you inside mei mei. It is good for you to learn and grow here since you've got the opportunity, trust me! Except our male friend, which of us look elder do you think?

And then, we had a short prayer session.
Nice or not? Nice right! 我就知道 ^^

We had a teatime session too not to forget. See! Our Indian friend also joined us :D Good good good. Thanks for coming haha.

What a happy moment. How much I wish this can continue even after I have graduated. I will feel emo ler when something unfavorable come and I am not be able to get advise from Buddhism dharmma at that time.

*like* ^^


Jeannie said...

The 3rd photo the first row, fifth frm left, that's me! haha Y I NO C U THR?

QIN said...

Haha I know, I saw you in the photo and also in the class but you run just before the game started LOL.