Thursday, December 6, 2012


Are you missing me? Haha! So so long never write long essay already and now still isn't the time. Anyway this is not the recent consideration I am thinking about but it has been some time, I am thinking, TO... close this blog. Ok?

Hahha because I no longer having much thing to share or maybe I am too mysterious to share my feeling & my life to 3rd party or outsiders. No I am not talking about you, my friends, who have been reading my blog AND socializing/contacting with me, but some intended stalkers or strangers and some persons whom I don't wish to let them know what I've been doing & what have I become.

Okay if don't delete, then maybe I will just update once a year, that is for my anniversary purpose hahaha. Not appearing alone, but with him! :D Or err well, maybe update once in a blue moon. I don't really have time since I started my job & I lost the enthusiasm to bring camera wherever I go. It is way so stupid for me keep capturing photo for my blog hahahha and I find it hard/tired for me. I will keep my private blog anyway, that's a room for me to express my full feeling, though not constantly/not often aha. That's it!

None of you will blame me right?


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Mr Lonely said...

so lovely... haiz.. i still single.. wanna kao you last time but no courage.. T.T~ now you got bf d~ good loh~