Tuesday, August 25, 2009


we had a gathering last sunday. sadly few of them couldnt be able to attend due to some personal reasons..

in short, i was fun! hmm.. memorable event.

nothing much to talk, need to rush for my account headache assignment first. nah nah, here are the pics :)

the very firstly, our group photo.. niahaha..

me and my lui lui, fang ying..

my fashionable best friend, angeline :P

the always manenek, ah vivian. do we look alike in this photo ^^? hyaha..

happy wei wei =D

my "kakak". haha.. bcz her name is exactly same as my real elder sister :P

some people..

lastly, lepas makan terus tidur xD

ps : i do not know this photo was taken..
thats it for my update! :)

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