Monday, September 21, 2009


hmm this post is non-halal one ok.

last saturday, we woke early in the morning. me and family huhu..

it was my youngest uncle's... uncles's.....

hey, i dunno what it called in english, heh heh.. sorry. but in chinese, it is "过大礼"

this is what my parents told me.

i will upload the pic slowly. bcz the real kahwin not yet reach laa.


they people were busy doing the ritual..

we.. the teenagers yamcha at a side xD

ps: there were lots of foods. i snapped b4 those foods coming..

the babi.. very expensive ok..

buey tahan the smoke from the candles >.<

my uncle, the bridegroom ^^ and his bride, my bakal aunt =)

thats it. more and more photos will be uploading :D

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