Friday, November 5, 2010


wow! my grandma found a purse nearby my house. there is RM450 inside with some important cards, good! buahaha yeay additional allowances this month! ;D

i know what are you thinking right now. yes, NOW but.. do you think we will do that?

拾金不昧…… thinking how long i never use this idiom already.

the owner is a malay girl who works in Dominant Semiconductor Factory. elder than me 3 years old. damn, what a rich girl. so many receipts from famous brand eg. Padini. zZz alright not to talk about this, my parents however, being the good persons decided to return the purse to her.

no contact number inside so what we could do is just searching blindly for her house according to the address stated on her IC. so far la, some more kampung kampung.. no exact address also, i mean no house number, just the street name with village, poscode and state.

we stopped by a stall and asked the residents there. some said here, some said there @.@ for your information, we had asked for more than 5 persons with each at different place! God bless, we managed to find her relatives after searching for an hour ^^

they told us the owner had vacated so we got the contact from them instead. oh my goodness my Malay Language kept hanging when i talked to her father. alamak sudah lama tak cakap Bahasa Melayu! macam ayam dan itik xP i felt like speaking to him all of the sudden (+﹏+)~ never mind, at least i was able to communicate with him though i didn't speak well lol. guess what == her new house is actually located at the area behind my house WA-LAO!!! 远在天边,近在眼前……

finally we found her house and returned the purse to her. lol pity, she cried terribly yesterday. i guess she couldn't sleep well last night. she kept thanking and greeting us. Bersalam. no worry girl, we didn't take any single thing in your wallet :)

i saw how grateful she was! almost cried but she was still smiling at us! ;D

be careful la everyone okie? ;)

what a happy day! 真高兴 ^^ seeeeeeeee... i come from good seeds =D haha~


Nizam Mahmud said...

May God bless your grandma. People like her is getting rare.

Let me tell you a story. Few years ago, a friend of mine found a wallet with RM600-RM700 inside. There were IC, photographs and etc.

He decided to hand it to a police station.

Many months later, by chance he pass by the owner of the wallet. Immediately he recognize the person from the few photographs in the wallet. Went up to the person, introduce himself and ask whether the police contacted and give him the wallet.

Sure the Police did give him back the wallet. Minus the RM600. Hmmm....

Your grandma has honor. Those cops didn't.

QIN said...

thank you Nizam for visiting, your comment is much appreciated!
Ouch sad case it was ;(
My grandma thought to hand the purse to police at first but we stopped her as we scared the police might take the money before giving back the purse to the owner.
We are so happy as well to see how happy the girl was =D

Nizam Mahmud said...

You're welcome.

Wise girl! Too bad nobody advice my friend last time.

May God bless all good souls. In this mad-mad world, they are very hard to find.

Mr Lonely said...

wow... so good ler... wish i can meet people like you.. XD

QIN said...

Nizam - yea God will bless good souls ;)
Mr.Lonely - haha. you will be meeting geh ^^