Sunday, February 26, 2012

Calanthe T.P.I

Ouh I am back! The trip is fun and I enjoy very much :D Through this, I realise a lot of things especially my boyfriend's caring and consideration toward me. For the first day, we stopped at Taiping to have a visit. 

Bus is too comfortable??so my colleagues tidur sampai kaki pun naik~XD

Right after we arrived, we went to pastor's house because we were going to stay a night there.

You see! Very nice right? Very very comfortable and I can sleep well :) We dropped our luggage and went to Tasik Taiping, Safari night as well.

Again, he didn't refuse to have a photo with me   I pushed him to stay far away from me hahaahha baby I'm just making fun you know I love you don't leave me far yea!

The second day before we left for Penang, we had a group photo with pastor and his wife.

After approximately 2 hours, finally we reached Penang!! The sticker is disturbing =.=

I wouldn't write all the places we visited, later too much photos. First thing was definitely the lunch!! By the way, we hunted for foods & drinks more during the trip.

Asam Laksa! Their service is very good I give a thumb. Why?

As you can see, we sat beside the stall to taste their asam laksa. My colleague fell his chopsticks then the girl immediately called me and handed me a pair of chopsticks. Wow! good observation and moreover, they are fast in preparing the food. We got our laksa within 30 sec. I am serious!! Their asam laksa tastes good ^^

The laksa. You like onion? This will definitely be your favourite then.

We are busy doing survey. Haha..

The chameleon in the snake temple.

Next we went Kek Lok Si Temple!!

The weather was hot but still okay compared to the next day.
The Guan Yin tower is still under construction. 

Then, we went Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera). Can you believe we got "local child" tickets for ourselves, my boyfriend & I?! *giggle*

Panorama view. Very nice ler this place I like natural more!!

Yea. We are actually like this close ^^ 

Straits Quay! We came here to wait for our friend a.k.a tour guide. We can go anywhere we like before the gathering time. A group of us went "Full of Beans" cafe.

Their.....ini called apa? I call equipment lar then hahha..

Sat mou? (cantonese)

We had seafood as our dinner lol.

Yes George Town!! The weather was so hot. What a killing sunlight arh I didn't apply any sunblock nor wearing hat / sunglasses @@

My man's talking business don't disturb! XD Nola kidding. An important project instead.

The old guitar! Epic.

One of the must visit is none other than Peranakan house. Duhhhhh the one shown in Little Nyonya drama. Can remember? Chen Xi's house. Oh well, a lot of things and stories, awesome.

The dining place where Baba Nyonya had the family meals.

They were sitting on couple chairs and the narrator's demonstrating to us. 男女授受不亲 in ancient times..

Last day before we left, we had a photo at the master bedroom where we girls slept 2 nights! 

Cute mah? Haha..

Last station we went Ipoh! Perak Tong & Old Town. 

Yes!!!!! 12345678 NINE of us successfully reached the hilltop.

Ok.. 玩够了就是时候开工了。Bye!


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